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Kentfield, California

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Myles’s Avatar
Myles Nov 01 266 views

What should I expect from college courses on computer science and how should I prepare myself?

What should I expect from college courses on computer science and how should I prepare myself?

David’s Avatar
David Nov 08 141 views

How would I be able to get my professional degree to become a pharmacists?

What are the steps I need to take? What are the requirements i need to meet? How and Where would I begin?

Yong Can’s Avatar
Yong Can Oct 24 228 views

Career goals...

A career goal i have in mind is engineering because an average engineer makes over 100,000 a year which makes me interested. I'm mainly interested in careers with high pay rates

aya’s Avatar
aya Oct 31 203 views

What coding language is most used in the computer science field/ jobs?

As I am learning about some of the coding languages such as python and Java script, I am wondering which one is most commonly used when working in computer science. What do current companies/ software engineers use to create programs?

Mohamed’s Avatar
Mohamed Nov 04, 2021 247 views

Which program is better: integrated CSE Data Science at VIT or IT's CBIT +VNR's CSE

#science #question

Qida’s Avatar
Qida Oct 30 216 views

How are you guys and what would you guys like to be in the future?

I want to be an engineer, I have had a deep passion for it ever since I have gotten my first cellular technical device. I want to be able to properly enjoy life and live it to the fullest with a job I like. Engineering could be a hard to obtain job, but in my opinion it really stands out to be...

Jeffrey’s Avatar
Jeffrey Nov 01 100 views

Which careers are the most enjoyable?

Most enjoyable fields/jobs

Khiem’s Avatar
Khiem Oct 27 228 views

What type of work environment do you usually prefer when being software engineering?

I want to become a software engineering and that is my question I want to know most

Tracey’s Avatar
Tracey Dec 01, 2021 706 views

What do anesthesiologists do? What are their responsibilities?

#doctor #medicine #premed

Andy’s Avatar
Andy Apr 14, 2021 299 views

What are some challenges of double majoring?

I'm currently a senior in high school and I want to learn more about how double majoring works. #college #college-majors

Yu Wen’s Avatar
Yu Wen Sep 28 153 views

How should I pick my major?

High school junior, not sure about what I should major in.

Darren’s Avatar
Darren Nov 02, 2021 641 views

Is Physical Therapy or Chiropractic Medicine worth the time and money?

From what I've learned, both physical therapy and chiropractic medicine require years of school. Tuition is pricey and school takes up a lot of your time. Is it really worth all that effort to become a PT or a DC? #medicine #physical-therapist #medical-education #physical-therapy #doctor...

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Dec 10, 2015 1286 views

What is the best way to become a pharmacy technician? (courses and programs to take, etc.)

I want to know if there are ant specific programs or courses to take if your trying to become a pharmacy technician. how many years of education do you need. #pharmacy #pharmacist #technician #pharmacy-technician

Yuanbiao’s Avatar
Yuanbiao Oct 24 185 views

What do you need to learn in high school to become a good programmer and video editor?

In high school, what classes should I take?
How is it helpful?

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Oct 31 265 views

What does a typical day as an aerospace engineer at Boeing look like (or any other company)?

Curious to get some insight! Thank you!

David’s Avatar
David Oct 31 251 views

How does your job affect you?

Does it make you stressed? Does it take all your free time? Does it make you happy and give you purpose?

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Oct 31 207 views

career goal...

My goal for the future is to do something in the business/tech field. What majors and jobs should I look into that are high paying?

Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa Oct 31 173 views

Criminal justice field

What are good programs that aren't basic and help develop skills and ideas that can help you become successful in the criminal justice field?

Pei Bin’s Avatar
Pei Bin Sep 27 155 views

How can I get into software engineer or game design?

What will help me achieve my goal of becoming a software engineer or game designer?

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Oct 31 198 views

Major decision

What are some things to consider when choosing a major?

Junhao’s Avatar
Junhao Oct 24 286 views

What jobs fit me?

I am interest in math major, and my career goal is to have lots of time with my family, and well paid. What are some particular jobs that fits my requirements?

Jesua’s Avatar
Jesua Apr 04 140 views

Are degrees a major requirement in animation?

I have heard you don't really need a degree in animation to work as an animator, but some jobs do require them. I'm curious to know whether you really need one or not.

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Sep 27 61 views

Why is choosing the right career important?

Why would choosing the right career be important? The only thing that would be important to me is how much that position pays.

leanne’s Avatar
leanne Nov 03 198 views

How to become a UX designer if I have no computer experience?

How to become a UX designer if I have no computer experience?

Signora’s Avatar
Signora Feb 02 323 views

What kind of things do Ethical hackers do?

#hacking #ethicalhacking #coding #programming #computer-programming

Priscilla’s Avatar
Priscilla Oct 28 283 views

If I want to start an e-commerce boutique in San Francisco what legal licenses and certificates do I need to obtain beforehand?

I am in a city college and want to start my own business.

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Nov 02 274 views

How difficult is cognitive science and data science?

I'm looking into majoring in cognitive science and data science but I'm not sure what each major focuses more on. What is the difference between both of these majors? Which one is better? Which one requires more coding?

Teal’s Avatar
Teal Apr 22, 2014 3821 views

Are there any careers that could combine a psychology major and a love of theater?

I am a senior in high school and have always had a fondness for theater, specifically the behind the scenes work rather than actually performing. Recently I have been thinking about possible majors and career paths certain majors could open up for me and, although I love theater, I don't think...

Isabelle’s Avatar
Isabelle Apr 04 139 views

What careers can you get with a degree in digital media and cinema?

I'm debating between majoring in business or digital media and cinema, and I want to see the different career options I could consider.

Ms. Kim’s Avatar
Ms. Jan 16, 2020 542 views

I'm interested in going into real estate and helping the family business. How do I get started?

My parents have a couple of properties that they would like to sell in the coming years. They want me to get a headstart into #real-estate so I can help them out in the future, but I don't know where to begin.

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