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Livingston, Texas

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David’s Avatar
David May 10 183 views

What can I do about my career choice ?

I’m having issue with my career choice is it has been bothering me a lot , please I really need help, I’m thinking of moving into engineering but I just need some guidance

Jayna’s Avatar
Jayna Oct 15, 2023 4931 views

How do I even begin to apply for scholarships and get help in college?

I want to be a mental health counselour when I get older and even reccomend ways to help others. I have no clue where to start. Where do I begin? What are some hacks to get alot out of scholorships and grants?

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Aug 01, 2023 596 views

What is the best way to approach a career in technology?

Do employers look to see if you have had an internship in technology? What qualities about a future employee do companies most look for?

Aubrey’s Avatar
Aubrey Apr 30, 2023 368 views

I am wondering how to save ?

Now to save money

Veronica’s Avatar
Veronica May 11, 2022 665 views

Where can a marine biologist find good work?

After you have your education, how do you go about choosing an organization to work for and applying?

Veronica’s Avatar
Veronica May 11, 2022 1395 views

What marine biology jobs require a decent amount of diving?

Marine biologists don’t spend as much time in the water as I first believed and hoped. Which jobs do require a fair amount of diving? Also, is traveling usually a necessity?

Cade’s Avatar
Cade Mar 23, 2018 580 views

How do you keep from overloading yourself?

I am worried that when I register for my classes that I'm going to take too many hard classes and not make the grades I want or possibly even fail.
#picking-classes #registration

Cade’s Avatar
Cade Mar 23, 2018 748 views

How do you know that you're studying the right major?

The closer I get to graduating I wonder if I am going to choose the right major to study. Some days I seem positive that I know what I want to do and others not so much.

Rosa’s Avatar
Rosa Aug 31, 2017 739 views

How difficult is it to find a music director job for high school?

I am currently a college sophomore at Sam Houston State University and was wondering if I should maybe transfer to University of Houston to have perhaps a better rep? Would it be easier for me to get a job if I graduated from there instead of SHSU? #music #highschool #musiced #music-production...

Maranda’s Avatar
Maranda May 12, 2016 968 views

Would a doctorates help me in business?

Would having my doctorates help me climb the chain faster? #business

Maranda’s Avatar
Maranda May 12, 2016 998 views

How do you get started in starting your own business?

I want to own my own business with fashion merchandising. how would I get started with that after college? #business #management #marketing

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