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Nick’s Avatar
Nick Dec 15, 2014 1772 views

How specialized can the field of environmental engineering be?

I am a senior in high school and wish to look into environmental engineering with a focus in aquaculture. I am looking into the process of specializing the subject of environmental engineering to aquaculture engineering but am unsure how I should go about doing this. I was wondering if this...

April’s Avatar
April Dec 15, 2014 6884 views

What is the hardest part and challenges of being Diagnostic medical sonographers?

I am a senior in high school thinking of my options,and i know i want to work in the medical field. What are the challenges you may face working in this type of field? Any feedback would be great! #medicine #hospitals -sonography -sonographer

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Dec 15, 2014 18091 views

What are challenges that Physical Therapists face on a day to day basis?

I am a Junior in high school and I am looking into being a Physical Therapist. I want to be a Physical Therapist because I feel that I would be able to relate to the patients because I have had my fair share of experience being a patient. #doctor #physical-therapist #athlete #physical-trainer...

April’s Avatar
April Dec 15, 2014 2925 views

What is the best and worst part of being a registered nurse, and do you get taken advantage of by the healthcare system?

I am a senior in high school thinking about becoming a RN. I would like to know if you love you job? Do you get taken advantage of? Any information would be great! #doctor #medicine #nursing #healthcare #hospitals

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Dec 15, 2014 7598 views

In the daily schedule of a Radiologic Technician, how much of the time are you doing the same thing? Is there something different every day?

I am a senior in high school looking to pursue a career in radiology. I have had some shadowing experience in my area. I was there twice a week for three weeks and it seemed like the Rad. Tech.’s were always doing the same thing, or they were sitting around. This concerns me that all jobs are...

Alaina’s Avatar
Alaina Dec 15, 2014 1175 views

Is majoring in English, beneficial when one is looking to become an High-School English Teacher?

Throughout High-School, English has been my favorite subject. Recently, I have seriously started to consider becoming a Secondary Education Teacher. It seems only natural that English would be the subject I want to pursue. So, I was wondering if it would be beneficial to major in English,...

Micah’s Avatar
Micah Dec 15, 2014 1040 views

Is being a pediatric dentist financially stable when you accept too many kids on programs such as medicaid?

I am a senior in high school who is looking to go into dentistry. I love kids and would like pediatrics to be my focus, but I don't know if it is more financially feasible than being a general dentist. #dental

Nikolai’s Avatar
Nikolai Dec 12, 2014 896 views

How does one get into professional interpreting, and what are some of the larger employers?

I'm looking to go to school for International Relations in New York. I am looking into interpreting as a career after college, and was wondering what the best track through college would be, and what some of the major interpreting employers might be for internship opportunities. #college...

Austin’s Avatar
Austin Dec 12, 2014 1080 views

What kind of classes would I have to take to be a Computer and Informational Research Scientist?

I have always been interested in pursuing a career in the Computer Science field, and based on my research I feel that I am the most interested in being a Computer and Informational Research Scientist. However, I do not know what classes I should take in college to get there. #college...

Italia’s Avatar
Italia Dec 11, 2014 2445 views

What does a Hospital Nurse’s life look like outside of work? How much free time do they have? Do the cons of being a nurse take a huge toll on your life outside the hospital?

I am a Senior in high school and will soon be moving on to become a Registered Nurse, and hopefully even specializing further. I found a lot online about a day in the life of a nurse and what that is like, but i was wondering what affect that took on someone's life and how they live outside of...

Felipe’s Avatar
Felipe Dec 08, 2014 1562 views

What can I, a 13 year old boy, in 8th grade advanced classes, do to prepare myself in a career as a hairstylist?

I never really wanted to be anything EXCEPT a hairstylist.I am 13, in 8th grade advanced classes. What can I do to prepare myself? #hair-stylist #beauty-industry #hairdressers

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