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Dara’s Avatar
Dara Jul 10 507 views

How do I get started in the film industry?

I am a Sophomore at DePaul University studying film. I'm still deciding what i want my concentration to be, but I want to start working in the industry to better understand it and get some experience. I would love any advice on what the industry is like and what is the best way to get into the...

REAGAN’s Avatar
REAGAN Jun 18 410 views

how much does a teacher earns?

what is the best career

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb May 06 513 views

Can you share some tips for navigating a career transition, particularly from one industry to another??

Can you share some tips for navigating a career transition, particularly from one industry to another?

Lani’s Avatar
Lani Apr 23 673 views

Will Failing grades harm your chance at getting a job?

Im 16 and im in 8th grade and I've recently been doing online schooling. It's really not my thing and im back to regular school now but I've failed my grade twice and ive been panicking a lot about it. I've always had good grades and im afraid i wont get a job later on now that ive failed more...

Trenton’s Avatar
Trenton Mar 28 655 views

Tips and Info on music creating and yourself when it comes to creating music.

1. when did you start or when were you employed? 2. how many years have you worked in this career? 3. did you get an education for your job, and if so what was it? 4. how much is the average amount a new person would make? 5. how much could you make with a decent amount of experience to a...

Colten’s Avatar
Colten Mar 26 557 views

Do I have to take Chemistry first before I can take AP Chemistry in high school?

I'm trying to figure out my schedule for the rest of my 2 years of high school. I'm trying to become a Physical Therapist.

Cayman’s Avatar
Cayman Mar 26 204 views

what is your average day as a park ranger like?

I would love to know what an average day looks like

Camryn’s Avatar
Camryn Mar 26 548 views

Is there any high school courses you would recommend for Nursing ?

I'm a sophomore looking for advice.

Camryn’s Avatar
Camryn Mar 26 331 views

What made you decide to become a Registered Nurse and How'd you start?

I'm a sophomore in high school looking for advice for Registered Nursing.

brendon’s Avatar
brendon Mar 26 451 views

What is the most boring part of working in the construction business?

I am researching construction jobs

brendon’s Avatar
brendon Mar 26 400 views

What is the most dangerous thing about working in the construction field?

I am researching the construction field

levi’s Avatar
levi Mar 26 768 views

How many years of education do you need to be a sports medicine physician, and what is the schooling like?

what is the curriculum of the education given and how does that qualify you to be a sports medicine physician?

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Mar 25 1606 views

What other interior designs are there if you just want to decorate homes more than building them?

I am in 10th grade and I want to go into the design but want more of the decorating homes not more so building and all of the measuring. What kind of design should I go for?

Cayman’s Avatar
Cayman Mar 25 279 views

What's the hardest part of being a park ranger?

I understand park rangers can do many different jobs and I want to know whats the hardest. I am very social

Ashton’s Avatar
Ashton Mar 25 415 views

Why is teaching music a rewarding job?

I am researching possibly being a music teacher

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