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A veterinarian is a doctor for animals. Some careers veterinarians may go into are opening up their business and caring for common house pets, working for farms to ensure food...

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How can someone step up in this profession

I am an ambitious person who wants to get ahead in life doing what I want. #medicine #animals...


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How does a veterinarian maintain the health and well-being of competition sporthorses?

I am a pre-vet college student that is interested in specializing in equine medicine. What preventative measures can be taken to minimize long term damage, and if a major accident were to occur what are the best possible treatment plans available? #pre-veterinary-medicine #equine #veterinary...

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What recommendations do you have on getting into Vet school ?

I plan to go to vet school after undergrad but these schools are especially selective and difficult to get into. What are your recommendations for things that I can work on that will set me apart from other applicants? #animallovers #veterinarian #medicine #vet-school...