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Grace E. Jun 10, 2020 301 views
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Effie M. Jun 12, 2020 604 views

How should someone with no programming or coding background and knowledge start programming and coding?

Are there certain websites for learning? What subjects should I start with? Which languages are the most beginner friendly? #programming #coding #technology...


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Apoorva K. Jun 13, 2020 222 views

What are resources for students interested in law?

Hello! I am a 13 year old and I am interested in becoming a lawyer when I am older. I am not exactly sure what type of lawyer but maybe a criminal or immigration lawyer. I really want to be a lawyer, but I don't know any resources for myself (13 y/o). Does anyone know of any resources such as...


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kazim H. Jun 13, 2020 556 views

i need help finding my passion and building a strong foundational skills

I am a wildly curious person about life as we all are but I think that one of the things that I am lacking is that I have no passion and that I don't have an interest. I also feel that I lack a strong foundation and I have no foundation when it comes to anything and I am not good at anything....


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Christina B. Jun 14, 2020 360 views

How should I choose a career that matches my personality?

I love singing and dancing and acting is what I've always wanted to do, but the acting business is hard and i don't know if i would make it. #film-acting #performing-arts #career...


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Calleigh C. Jun 15, 2020 590 views
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Ray K. Jun 15, 2020 217 views

What are some jobs related to social justice?

I've come to realize that my only passion is social justice, especially for lgbtq and poc. I do also have a desire to help people and a knack for writing. However I feel like I would not thrive on one-on-one work like becoming a councelor because it feels too personal and too much pressure,...

#politics #lawyer #criminal-justice #social-justice #political-science #psychology #law

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Amelia K. Jun 16, 2020 244 views

What careers would you suggest I look into if I am interested in art, fashion and marketing?

I am interested in many things and I am looking for a career that will utilize and fulfill my interests in business, art and/or fashion #fashion #art #artist #marketing...