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Sabina Nov 30, 2018 610 views

What background experience do you need for a correctional officer?


Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Aug 27, 2018 600 views

What types of jobs are available to me if I graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice?

#law #law-school #corrections

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Margot May 30, 2018 760 views

What are some things to do to prepare for applying to JD/PHD programs?

-What research experience/internships would be helpful?
-How important is networking when applying to graduate programs?

#education #law #graduate-school #college #applications #phd #jd #doctorate

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J'amiah May 17, 2016 2747 views

What are some safe and great jobs in the Navy that involves aviation?

My name is Jamiah ,16 Sophmore in Lake City Fl and my future is to be in the Navy the career i'd like to follow is Pilots and Naval Flight Officers (NFOs) are important components in an exclusive, world-class group of Officers. This job will require you to perform at the best of your ability...

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Keo Mar 19, 2018 724 views

What are some majors to do in college to become a flight surgeon?

I want to become a flight surgeon in the Air Force. I need to know what I should study in high school and in college. #air-force