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Savannah Apr 18, 2018 1191 views

What can I do in order to prepare myself to be most successful in pursuing an Kinesiology degree?

I have a passion for fitness, science, and nutrition, which makes a Kinesiology degree prefect for me. However, I wish to begin my college career as prepared as possible, and I am curious as to what steps I need to take to be on the correct path to the degree of my dreams. #fitness...

Gerardo’s Avatar
Gerardo May 30, 2017 809 views

What should I do after high school if i want study nutrition and fitness? Also if i want to become an online trainer sometime in the future?

I'm 18 years old and i'm asking this because i'm really into fitness specially bodybuilding. Although i do a lot of research on my own i'd like more help to better my knowledge. #health #fitness #bodybuilding

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Stephanie May 26, 2021 376 views

Have you or anybody you know gotten into a bad accident while acting?

Hello I’m currently researching this field for an assignment and wanted to gain more information through those who are in the field themselves.

D'Andrea’s Avatar
D'Andrea May 09, 2016 998 views

What is the best university for personal trainer?

I want to go to a good university and with a good benefit for personal training. #personal-training #personal

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Jan 18, 2018 736 views

Business and Hospitality career path?

I want to be a restaurant manager after graduating from college. Will a Business Administration major with an emphasis in Hospitality management qualify me for this? I am taking accounting classes, economics, business finance, etc related courses. What other career options are there for this...

Jade’s Avatar
Jade Oct 29, 2020 649 views

For people who work a sports psychologist. I have 9 questions for you

Take your time with this, I know it's a lot but I'm really interested in Sports psychology!! It would be awesome and appreciated if you answered these simple questions! How many hours do you work in a typical week? If I were interested in pursuing your career, what classes do you think I...

Reiden’s Avatar
Reiden Nov 30, 2020 589 views

What does it take to start a career in media for example sports media or a social media influencer

#media #social-media #broadcast-media #sports-media #technology #content-creator