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rachyl Mar 02, 2021 642 views

Is it true studying in Europe is better?

I have heard it's cheaper but I know you usually go to college where you can pursue a career. Are there many career opportunities in Europe? If so, what type of career is most needed? Do you end up living there? #europe #careeroppurtunities #studyingabroad #livingabbroad #careers #germany...

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Saisha May 24, 2016 1223 views

I am a rising college freshman in International Policy; however, I believe that every job requires some sort of technical skills, so I was curious whether it is wise to take a computer science minor or just take a few classes to gain those skills?

I am very concerned about future job opportunities. I am attending Georgetown university in the fall, and I want to maximize my skills for the future job market. #computer-science #government #job-market #international-affairs #technical #foreign-policy

jaeden’s Avatar
jaeden Jun 14, 2021 626 views

what is a good way to earn your boss trust

im a good helper . I always get the job done and im a good hard worker #sports #social-work #job

Pretty’s Avatar
Pretty Jun 24, 2021 554 views

What can i do to find a part time job

Goal driven, get things done and a team player #sports netball

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wyatt Jun 24, 2021 540 views

how do i do cisco?

what is involved with cisco?

Tyreh’s Avatar
Tyreh Jun 23, 2021 2080 views

Is it possible someone more introverted to get a career in the business field?

#business #career #marketing #internship

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Katelynn May 21, 2018 922 views

What are the odds that I will be able to graduate from college without being deeply in debt?


Nerissa’s Avatar
Nerissa Aug 27, 2018 712 views

How do I know when it is time to transfer schools

#financial-services #human-resources

Chase’s Avatar
Chase Jan 16, 2018 1192 views

Would business management major cover finance career?


Christine’s Avatar
Christine Jun 24, 2021 1140 views

Why should you study accounting?

I'm struggling to decide which career to pursue? #accounting