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judith’s Avatar
judith Sep 24, 2023 322 views

why is find the right job always hard?

Why do many of us struggle to get a job

Brody’s Avatar
Brody Sep 26, 2023 383 views

What am I doing wrong when trying to get a job?

I've been trying to get a job but business never respond back to me. What am I doing wrong? I've been using LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter.


Corey’s Avatar
Corey Sep 28, 2021 304 views

What did you find complex about your job and how did you get around it or how did you solve it?


Alisha’s Avatar
Alisha May 27, 2016 7706 views

What is the toughest thing about being in sales?

What are some tricks you learned on the way? #business #social-media #sales #online-marketing

Quiana’s Avatar
Quiana Aug 10, 2021 1636 views

How do you increase productivity at work?

#accounting #finance

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jun 09, 2021 761 views

What stocks should I put in my portfolio?

Hi! My name is Michael and I am very interested in the stock market. I want to look at different stocks to see what I should get. I would really appreciate some help with setting up my portfolio. #business #finance #college #marketing

Aldo’s Avatar
Aldo Jul 30, 2021 1115 views

What is the first step to step out of my comfort zone?

I’m trying to learn new things but I’m not sure where to start off. I’ll take any tips. #finance

Somaiya’s Avatar
Somaiya Jul 01, 2021 1301 views

Financial advice for current 18 year olds. How should we begin to accrue our wealth?

Hello, I am turning 18 this year and I am thinking of ways to be more financially independent. Moreso what steps I should be taking at this age to build and compound my wealth for the future. Let me know! #finance #money