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Sherry Sep 14, 2021 349 views

When did you figure out what you wanted to do as a career?

I'm a senior in high school and I'm interested in a career in the STEM field. #stem

weilin’s Avatar
weilin Sep 14, 2021 210 views

What career can make a lot of money? Like $10,000 per month.

Hope to make a lot of #money to make my life easier, get things I want, have more power and happiness

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Sep 15, 2021 439 views

Is there room for upward mobility as an electrician?

My name is Brandon, I am a Hispanic male looking to get into becoming an Electrician. I am attending a trade program for electrical school and before I dive head first into this trade I just had a couple questions regarding the field. #electrician #electrical-engineering

Lakshmi’s Avatar
Lakshmi Feb 03, 2020 672 views

I'm looking for direction to restart my career. What can I do to land myself a job in the field of instructional design/ training/ learning and development?

I have a master's in organizational behavior ( Applied Psychology) from India. I moved to the USA about two years ago and I recently got my work permit. I am also a certified ICF (ACC) Coach and have about 2+ years of experience (from my pervious job in India) in the field of training,...

Leo’s Avatar
Leo Sep 14, 2021 425 views

Is it worth it to get a degree vs trade school?

#college #college-admissions #college-advice #graduate-school #degree #masters #school #trade-school #highschool #van