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Katie Bryant

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (ultrasound tech)
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
San Tan Valley, Arizona
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Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Nov 07, 2023 472 views

What field of radiologic technology is the most beneficial?

I am interested in sonography as well but I want to know if radiologic technology is a better choice

JUICE’s Avatar
JUICE Sep 30, 2023 437 views

When does an x-ray technician have emergency calls?

I am interested in becoming an x-ray technician and want to know if you have emergency calls.

Aviva’s Avatar
Aviva Jul 25, 2023 318 views

What part of the sonography/ultrasound program was/is the most challenging?

What part of the sonography/ultrasound program was/is the most challenging?

Diana’s Avatar
Diana Jun 14, 2023 349 views

is being an ultra tech worth it?

is being an ultra tech worth it

Pearl’s Avatar
Pearl Feb 22, 2023 2945 views

What are the first steps to becoming a Radiologist in California?

Hi! I'm trying to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming an X-ray tech, but I don't know where to start. Where can I find a school that has the program? What should I focus on in school? What is the fastest/best route to becoming one?

Juan’s Avatar
Juan Feb 08, 2023 1993 views

Is sonography hard? Could a man have a career in this field despite it being a more woman sided job. Do you enjoy your job?

I want to go to a technical school in Greenville for about 2-3 years.

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Jan 30, 2023 586 views

Where do you start if you want to be an ultrasound tech?

I'm curious when it comes to college what major or classes you would have to take to become an ultrasound tech.

Zulema’s Avatar
Zulema Jan 18, 2023 300 views

What top subjects are required for ultra soundtechs?

I'm a 11th grader and i would like to pick my next subjects base on whats needed on becoming an Ultra Soundtech.

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Aug 23, 2022 572 views

What does the daily schedule look like for an ultrasound technician?

What types of of responsibilities do you have?

Aliyah’s Avatar
Aliyah Aug 15, 2022 605 views

Radiology tech

Where do you start to become a radiologist?

Alma’s Avatar
Alma Mar 03, 2022 1177 views

What is the best major for someone who wants to become a radiologist?

#college-major #medical #radiologist #radiology