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San Tan Valley, Arizona

Within 40 mile radius
Irene’s Avatar
Irene May 22 403 views

Medicine & Medical Foundation

How can students find some resources about medicine in the Medical Foundations in a High school that will help them be fully prepared for what Medical career they to take to be in a Medical field?

olivia’s Avatar
olivia May 22 280 views

what are some jobs for history and mythology?

I'm 16 and love history and mythology and was wondering what kind of career i could go in that works specifically with history and mythology

olivia’s Avatar
olivia May 22 131 views

what do mythologist do?

what work does a mythologist focus on

Miguel’s Avatar
Miguel May 21 182 views

how to make the NBA?

who do I talk to? which college should I register at? what drills should I practice?

Yolanda’s Avatar
Yolanda May 16 346 views

What are some common mistakes to avoid in a job interview?

I am a student in grade 11 and would like to understand how interview patterns are structured especially in the area of construction.

James’s Avatar
James May 08 310 views

Should I still apply for internships if I have no experience, side projects, or extracurriculars?

I'm a 2nd year EE student trying to transfer into software engineering, thus I want a software internship. I know some basic stuff like Java, C, Python and algorithms and data structures from classes, and decent cGPA of 3.6, but I have absolutely no experience, side projects, or...

jeremy’s Avatar
jeremy Apr 28 175 views

what to do to become a doctor?

after school

Armani’s Avatar
Armani Apr 24 94 views

Who is hiring criminal profilers

Who is hiring criminal profilers a criminal behavior analyst?

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Apr 17 483 views

How does it feel working from 9 to 5?

asking questions

Lekzy’s Avatar
Lekzy Apr 04 229 views

How do I graduate with a first class result in physics?

I'm a student and I've always had the dream to graduate with an excellent result. however, it's quite challenging to study physics because most of it deal with uncertainty.

Ganeshsai’s Avatar
Ganeshsai Mar 24 661 views

How do I get into Harvard?

Not anything generic, but just what activities are good

Savion’s Avatar
Savion Mar 20 551 views

What is the best way to start a career?

In need of a job.

Chase’s Avatar
Chase Mar 20 541 views

What is the best way to start a career?

In need of a job

hernan’s Avatar
hernan Mar 20 815 views

What are good colleges for basketball?

Where should I go for a good basketball career?

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin Mar 15 585 views

can i learn math and programming same time ?

any advice

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