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Erika Apr 27, 2022 981 views

What are the pros and cons of a neuropsychologist?

I would like to know .

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Cayden May 05, 2022 529 views

What can help me figure this out

I’m also trying to play football in college,so I want something with sports related in my career.

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breanna May 06, 2022 362 views

Why are doctors so advanced that you can complete a organ transplant?

I just find it crazy that were so advanced in science that doctors can complete a organ transplant and still keep it alive long enough to put inside of another person.

Victory’s Avatar
Victory Oct 05, 2021 864 views

How do I become a neurologist? Any good advice?

I'm a 16 year old high schooler. #neurologist #neurology

anna’s Avatar
anna May 11, 2022 390 views

What are some recommended colleges majors for someone whose long term goal is a mortician?

I was looking for any colleges course or majors that would be helpful for that end goal but doesn't necessarily lead to that

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Lauren May 20, 2022 421 views

I want to be the cardiothoracic surgeon where patients would request me when they're in any kind of pain .

Cardiothoracic surgeon

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Kaelan May 31, 2022 410 views

What can make a resume Interesting or Impressive to become a Psychiatrist?

What can I do to impress my Psychiatrist interviewer with my resume?

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Kaelan May 31, 2022 433 views

What is the typical day to be a psychiatrist?

When working as a psychiatrist what is the normal routine that you have to do to start off your day? What is the major typical day of being a psychiatrist?

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Britney Oct 19, 2020 771 views

What is the average salary of an ophthalmologist?

What is the salary specifically in the United States? Does it vary from place to place? #medicine #ophthalmology

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Aaron Jun 14, 2022 630 views

What path should I take to be a Nuclear medicine physician.

I wanna become a certified nuclear medicine physician

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Sophie Jun 22, 2022 531 views

What databases provide the best up-to-date salary information about Big 4 and banking salaries?

What databases provide the best up-to-date salary information about Big 4 and banking salaries? Glassdoor is often from 2+ years ago.