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Biana Markovsky

client service manager
Management Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Scarsdale, New York
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Madelyn May 25, 2016 853 views

What other jobs are out there other than being a veterinarian or animal scientist?

I want to work with animals. #veterinarian #veterinary #career-counseling

David’s Avatar
David Sep 27, 2022 359 views

What is your purpose to work, is it only money?

Name the reason why you want to work. Many people work for money, are you one of them.

Iris’s Avatar
Iris Sep 27, 2022 380 views

How do you know if your job is the right choice for you?

Do you ever get bored of it or do you ever regret choosing it as a career.

Rich’s Avatar
Rich Sep 28, 2022 435 views

What's the best way to approach career paths that I might like?

I'm in high school and unsure of what career path I want to go down to. It seems like a very big commitment so I want to make sure that I make the right decision.

Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas Sep 23, 2022 613 views

What benefits come with this career?

401 K, Health Insurance, Paid Holidays, Paid Medical leave, Paid Sick Leave, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Identity Protection, financial resources, Financial Hardship Programs, Flexible Scheduling, Disability Insurance