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rin Apr 03 193 views

How do I write a bestselling historical fiction novel?

I want to write a historical fantasy book, I love writing and it truly is my passion. I'm currently working on a historical fiction book and I need some help with learning to write a bestseller.

Adan’s Avatar
Adan Mar 20 181 views

Does agriculture require only basic manual labor?

I would like to grow in agriculture but i feel like just taking care of the plants woudn't be exciting enough for me, is there other things that would require harder work to do? Or is it simply just watering plants.

Eden’s Avatar
Eden Mar 20 286 views

What does a typical day look like for a Construction Manager?

How long did the process take of becoming a Construction Manager?
What types of training or education would be needed to become a construction manager?
Thank you for answering!

frederick’s Avatar
frederick Oct 04, 2022 726 views

how do i keep motivated in a science career field?

how does one find the motivation to keep on a science career path i feel like im losing the motivation to keep doing what i want with my life and the things i define as my passion

jack’s Avatar
jack Oct 04, 2022 592 views

For someone wanting to go into the real estate industry, what can I expect for highs and lows at the beginning of my journey?

When I'm out of highschool I plan on going to real estate school.