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Ashutosh Deshpande

Product Development Architect
Pune, Maharashtra, India
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Marvin Dec 02 103 views

How can I be a good programmer and where should I start?

I have developed interest in programming and I'm not aware where I should start

Josh’s Avatar
Josh Jul 20 149 views

What is the best way to get meaningful coding experience to help land my first job?

I’m currently pursuing an Associate’s degree in Computer Science- Emphasis on Computer Programming.

Emre’s Avatar
Emre Jul 02 186 views

Is cloud technology necessary for interns or junior positions?

I am a 3rd-grade computer engineering student with knowledge of Java and backend technologies such as Hibernate, Redis, and MySQL. When I look at job applications, I often notice that cloud technologies are required, which I am currently unfamiliar with. While I have experience with Docker, I...

fernando’s Avatar
fernando May 15 121 views

was there people who helped you get through learning software development? would getting a tutor to help me learn code be worth it?

software development

David’s Avatar
David May 15 206 views

Should I continue learning JavaScript, CSS, and HTML or start learning Python?

I know the general basics of each of them, but should I further strengthen those languages before learning a new language?

Nickolas’s Avatar
Nickolas Apr 26 319 views

What do I need to become a Software Engineer?

I am a 8th grader and I would like to know what would I need to become a software engineer specially the company Apple.

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Feb 27 310 views

What are some software skills I should be familiar with as an Information Security Engineer?

What programs or software should I get myself acquainted with when it comes to being an Information Security Engineer?

shamarr’s Avatar
shamarr Jan 30 202 views

what are some programs I can get involved in that would push me further?

I want to be a game dev and computer programmer

Ben’s Avatar
Ben Jan 23 410 views

How much does a software engineer make a year?

I should want suggestions from someone that is a software engineer and does work in California. The Software Engineer i wanted to be might be developing games and apps for people.

Vivek’s Avatar
Vivek Dec 18, 2022 307 views

How I can became software developer if I am from commerce stream because at first I want my college degree from B.CA but unfortunately I have only IT as a optional subject and I don't have MATHS so please guide me ?

I score 75 percent in my 10 grade
At present I learn JAVA as it is included in 12 grade