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Jordyn Whitfield

Small Animal Veterinarian
Baltimore, Maryland
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Lillian Mar 05 396 views

Is biology really difficult if so how?

I've always done very well in school and am not afraid of a challenge I just like to have some sort of an idea of what im going into.

Addisu’s Avatar
Addisu Feb 26 183 views

What is the difficult subject course in veterinary medicine?

I want to know which course is difficult for students in veterinary medicine

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Feb 08 301 views

Veterinary Medicine and Vet tech. (Anything to do with veterinarians)

How do veterinarians usually start their careers?

Melody’s Avatar
Melody Feb 26 175 views

How do I become a veterinarian?

What would be the best universities for me to go to for becoming a veterinarian? And what would be the best things for me to do to be a aquatic veterinarian?