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Management Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
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Jane Apr 07, 2023 363 views

How to make custom embroidery patches at home?

I am looking forward to learn the basic tips and tricks to do embroider on the clothes at home. As i want to start my own business of custom embroidery patches but it is tricky. So if you know any online free institution then please do let me know.

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Jessie Apr 06, 2023 293 views

Where to find a really good job out of country

Where do I look if the occupation does not show any kind of degree I need for that job im looking forward to do?

What Is the best plan for young people that are looking for a good paying job?

Where is the best place for a job at a radiologist? and how much does it pay ?

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Jason Apr 06, 2023 597 views

How do I make a lot of money with only a GED?

Are people down to earth in the work environment? Are u happy working at the place of your dream? Have u ever thought about switching career paths? Do u have the freedom to explore your ideas? What are some skills you have learned while being there?

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Jada Apr 06, 2023 402 views

where and when do i start? multi-media artist with no direct plan

I'm Jada, hello. Maybe this will make a lot of sense or it will sound terribly cliche. I know where I want to go as an artist, but the reality is that I don't know where to start. My strongest inspiration is my favorite singer-songwriter, Lady Gaga. With certainty, if Gaga weren't one of the...

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Lottie Apr 06, 2023 276 views

What types of work do graphic designers actually do?

I've seen a wild range of answers to this question, and I just want a straight answer. What kind of things does it entail?