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Becky Rouhi (She/Her)

Nurse Practitioner
Springfield, Massachusetts
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William yesterday 61 views

What is the difference between an NP and PA?

What are the differences between a PA and an NP? Are there more possibilities with one than the other? What does the pay look like? Is one more difficult than the other?

Priscilla’s Avatar
Priscilla Sep 10 54 views

Why did you decide to become a nurse practitioner?

Why did you decide to be a nurse practitioner and not a physician assistant?

V’s Avatar
V Sep 09 63 views

how to be a nurse ?

go to school

AJ’s Avatar
AJ Sep 04 130 views

How do Nurse Practitioners work and Registered Nurse ? What is the difference between them?

I do hope to be a Nurse Practitioner but I have also thought of being a Registered Nurse but I don't have much background information on the two.

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cecilia Sep 01 99 views

What was the hardest part about starting nursing?

I've recently decided on nursing and I wanna be sure before I start college.

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Sarah Aug 26 112 views

How can i become a registered nurse if i major in biologicalscience for my undergrad?

I want to be a nurse, but I got a major in biological science and I can't switch to nursing, so can I do that after I get my bachelors degree and how long will it take

Dori’s Avatar
Dori Jul 25 65 views

What is your typical schedule as a registered nurse? Did you get to choose your working hours?

I just want to know the typical schedule of a nurse. Do you work nights? Are you allowed to choose what time of day you want to work?Is it easier to work overnight or during the day for you?

Tiffany’s Avatar
Tiffany Jun 13 103 views

What is it like to be a registered Nurse?

What is the education to become a registered nurse like? Is university of Colorado school of medicine and red rocks community college a good starting point? Does being a registered nurse help people? do they get good work hours to where you can still spend time with family?

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Jun 10 71 views

What are the most important values one can take from nursing into their own lives? #Spring23

What are the core values as a nurse? How do those values play a role in furthering yourself as a human being? Are there any practices or procedures in nursing or the Healthcare system that we can translate into our daily lifestyle?

Omar’s Avatar
Omar Jun 05 86 views

Is there any room and chance for job advancement and hiring in the medical assistant position?

i am new in the medical field at San Jose Job Corps

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Martina May 25 106 views

How do I get into college for dentistry or nursing and then what do I do after college to make more than 90k a year?

I love science, I have a 4.0 GPA, and next year I'll be going into my sophomore year in high school.

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Jasleen May 10 79 views

1. What profession did you choose? Why? 2. How many years of college did you need to go through? 3. What jobs did you work before you landed your present professional job? 4. How can I decide if I should earn a Ph.D. in this field? 5. Were you in a college program? 6. Did you have to pivot and go back to school at a later date? 7. Did you shadow another professional in the field? 8. Did you join any school clubs related to your current profession? 9. Was there a particular subject you struggled with during your school years? 10. What skill sets did you learn or gain while pursuing your career? 11. What is your favorite part about working in the career you're currently in? 12. Is there a specific reason why you chose and enjoy this career? 13. Do you think the salary of this career should be higher? Why?

Hello! My name is Jasleen and I am a current high school student. I'm conducting an interview with any professional in the field of childcare for a Foundations in Health Science Class project about careers! I have created a total of 13 questions. Comment on this post, answering all 13...

Julia’s Avatar
Julia May 06 172 views

How do I pick my college major?

I am a freshman in high school. I am good at math but it's not my favorite class. I like chemistry, English and biology. I am also very good at science and enjoy it.

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zpro May 04 111 views

what is the point of colledge ?

why what when where

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Caliyma Apr 25 249 views

Is it possible to pursue a job in healthcare with a Bachelor's in Biochemistry??

I'll be attending college later this year and I'm majoring under Medicinal Biochemistry, as well as trying to become part of the Pre-Med program the university offers. I'm aiming to become a Nurse or Nurse Practitioner and I'm wondering more about the steps I should take after earning my degree.