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Jenise Jun 06 235 views

How do I know if I should stay in college?

I just finished my first semester of college and I was really struggling a lot that I am not sure that I want to continue. My gpa is not the best and I really don't have motivation to be there but I am very interested in my chosen field and I want to pursue this but I'm just not sure if...

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Jun 07 162 views

What jobs are available in the communications field?

I know I want to study communications in college; I'm the communications lead for my robotics team and want to further that knowledge. I'm just not sure what's available to me after college.

Israel’s Avatar
Israel Jun 05 120 views

Is there education help for Mechanics?

Furthering edication

Ingrid’s Avatar
Ingrid Jun 09 189 views

High school courses for law school?

What high school courses to take if I’m interested in law after high school .

Aliyah’s Avatar
Aliyah Jun 09 137 views

What are the potential career paths within psychology, and how can I explore them to make an informed decision?

I know that I want to pursue and career in psychology and I would like to be open to all possible career paths within my field of choice. That way I know what’s fit for me as well.

Khai’s Avatar
Khai Jun 08 343 views

Why so difficult to get offer?

I’m almost done with my Masters in Mechanical Engineering I have yet to find a job. I’m currently unemployed and I have sent more than a hundred applications already and several interviews too. Why is it so hard to get an offer??? It is so frustrating

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jun 08 156 views

How do I become my dream career?

I am trying to figure out how to become my dream career, but not quite sure how to get there. Any advice?

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Jun 08 362 views

College Tips?

What are some tips to get through my first years of college and maintaining good grades while managing stress? What are some studying tips to make sure I don't fail?

Reza’s Avatar
Reza Jun 08 377 views

What is the best way to succeed in a job interview?

Hello, I hope you are well.
My name is Fardin and I want to find out what is the best way to succeed in a job interview.

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Keva Jun 09 259 views

How do i get a secondary education without going into debt? #spring23

I want to become a doctor and go through medschool. Is there anything i can do in hoghschool/best ways to get scholarships so that i can minimize any future debt?