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Tiffanie Jun 27, 2016 1204 views

How do I become the best version of myself?

This isn't really a career question, but I believe it's relevant in all the perspectives of our lives. How can I better myself with family, school, friends? How long will it take to reach my full potential?

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Tiffanie Jun 27, 2016 844 views

How can I get work my way up to my career?

As a college student, I'm worried about the future like many others. As a communications major, how can I get intermediate level jobs when I only work minimum pay jobs at the present moment? #career #job

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Tiffanie Jun 27, 2016 1122 views

What jobs can I get in the communications field?

The subject of communications is a pretty general. What type of jobs can I get in the communications field and how can I get good jobs in that field? What do people who have communication major degrees do? #jobs #major #communications

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Tiffanie Jun 25, 2016 880 views

What is the difference between doing something you love, and doing something for the money?

A big part of our lives is financial security, and it seems as if most people will get a job just for the money although they might not like the job. As a person who works without any love for what you do, are you satisfied with your life ? As a person who is passionate in what you do but does...

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Tiffanie Jun 25, 2016 1091 views

How can I give a great impression to a interviewer?

I am applying to jobs, and I (hopefully) will be getting calls back for interviews. How can I stand out, or give a great first impression to the hiring manager? As an anxious person, I tend to stutter and look around a lot. I know that this habit is bad, so what can I do to make up for...

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Tiffanie Jun 24, 2016 1088 views

What qualities of a person do employers look for when interviewing?

Since there are so many people who apply for jobs, what makes a person stand out? What catches your attention or makes you want them as part of your workforce? I am referring to entry-level jobs specifically, but I believe that there are qualities of a person that can get them hired at all...

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Tiffanie Jun 24, 2016 1071 views

How do I know If I'm on the right career path?

I have an interest in a few things; fashion, advertising, and other miscellaneous subjects. I have figured out what I want to do in the future (fashion merchandiser) but the problem is that I always have this little doubt in the back of my mind. This doubt pesters me and produces insecure...

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Tiffanie Jun 23, 2016 2405 views

How badly can your GPA affect your career goals?

Since I came to college, it was hard adjusting to a new place and having a lot of independence. During my first semester, I took a turn going the wrong direction. I would not go to class, and it hit me hard the end of the semester when I realized I had done really badly. I am trying to improve...

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Tiffanie Jun 23, 2016 1258 views

How can I make my resume stand out if I don't have much experience since beginning college?

I've recently started school a year ago, and sadly I haven't been as active as I could have been. Now, I am applying for jobs but I am getting no replies. I was redoing my resume and realized that most of my volunteer work come from high school and that the experience is irrelevant now....