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allaya’s Avatar
allaya Jul 29, 2023 483 views

how many safety, target, and reach schools should someone apply to?

the title says it all so yeah

Vivianna’s Avatar
Vivianna Jul 06, 2023 307 views

How can a student manage living a college life style while simultaneously working and keeping up with day to day living?

Moving out of my parents house is scary and I can get anxious about the unknown. There is A LOT of unknown.

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Jul 06, 2023 265 views

What do collages look for on your application?

Currently, I am interested in understanding the key factors that colleges prioritize when evaluating applications. Specifically, I would like to gain insights into which academic courses, extracurricular activities, and club involvements are considered significant. I believe it is important to...

Bee’s Avatar
Bee Jul 06, 2023 338 views

What colleges would you recomend?

How and what college to get into

n’s Avatar
n Jul 06, 2023 423 views

How do i get into a top college?

I want to know what extracirriculars i can do to get into a top college

Shea’s Avatar
Shea Jul 06, 2023 179 views

What should I minor in, and when can I start medical school?

I want to know what minor l may benefit from in order to become a child psychiatrist with a major in psychology. As well as should I start med school as an undergrad?

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jul 07, 2023 313 views

I've been told recently that if you don't go to a well-known college/university for your undergrad then it will make it harder to go to a good graduate school?

Since I will be graduating next year, I've been looking at schools to apply to and trying to take college advice from anyone. I've been told in the past that the prestige of a college you attend for an undergraduate degree doesn't really matter. But I was talking to some family members...

Remi’s Avatar
Remi Jul 06, 2023 406 views

How many schools should I apply to?

How many dream schools and how many safety schools?

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Jul 06, 2023 343 views

How do I decide on which college I should go to?

I am a very creative person and I want to sell art. But at the same time I want to help animals. What college should I go to?