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Andhi Jeltu

Script writer/content writer
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Jos, Plateau, Nigeria
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Charis’s Avatar
Charis Jul 18, 2023 907 views

How has you being a teacher impacted your students?

That’s all

Chbxjdhx’s Avatar
Chbxjdhx Aug 15, 2023 616 views

How do teachers do it?

Seriously, they have to try and teach a bunch of kids who don’t respect them and probably don’t car about school. I honestly get strict teachers because I have younger siblings and cousins and j in get how annoying they can be.

Evay’s Avatar
Evay Aug 08, 2023 698 views

what made you want to become a lawyer,teacher,artist etc?

Is there a person who inspired you?

How was your college experience?

angela’s Avatar
angela Aug 06, 2023 260 views

What advice would you give a highschool student that waants to major in biotechnology?

I am a sophomore in highschool and is looking for help deciding if biotechnology is the right major for me.

La'Kayla’s Avatar
La'Kayla Aug 05, 2023 1129 views

What should I major in if I wanted to write stories?

What would be something good to major in for a writer. I'm only in the 10th grade but I would like to graduate early so I would like to think about this. I write things from as small as poems and short stories, to books with 30 pages.

Karsyn’s Avatar
Karsyn Jun 12, 2023 274 views

What should I do as a first step to reach out for more opportunities ?

I am a High School student wanting to do everything I can to be successful in my years to come in college as I further my education.

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Jul 17, 2023 666 views

How do I get into video editing jobs?

I am currently studying for a computer engineering degree, but I would like to learn video editing on the side and potentially do freelancing or something similar. Are there any certifications that I could get on the side? Would it be possible to tie it to my computer engineering degree?

Adrienne’s Avatar
Adrienne Jul 16, 2023 337 views

How difficult is it to enter the field of biology (biotech/ micro bio) in terms of education?

I more concerned about the level of education required and how useful those skills are in a career (what careers become available).

ariana’s Avatar
ariana Jul 16, 2023 269 views

How soon can someone start making money?

What is the soonest age some one can start making money?