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Jason J

Software Engineering
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Bradenton, Florida
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salimah Apr 07 773 views

What drew you to the idea of helping patients in this way instead of working in a hospital or more of a medical setting than esthetic?

I’m looking to pursue a future as a medical ethetician I have a few questions about the career. I would be so grateful to hear about your experiences!

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Zaakirah Apr 16 270 views

How do i figure out which major is for me?

I used to be very sure about what i wanted to do now im a little confused

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander Apr 17 586 views

What am I supposed to consider on starting a technological project?

Any technological project

ashton’s Avatar
ashton Apr 18 1093 views

how to choose a good career in collge?

career tips

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Logan Apr 17 459 views

Anyone Know any good coding sites?

What is a good site to learn more coding that is free? I am a high-school student that wants to pursue a major in the IT department. I want to get a head start on the coding process and I want to learn more coding languages because I have some experience in HTML but I think it would be fun to...

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Tria May 20, 2023 209 views

Why is it so difficult as a Gen Z to get a job?

Any job that requires me to work as a beginner when i have more experience

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Eliana Jul 21, 2023 329 views

i'm trying to start my first small business and idk how?

i wanna sell stuff like coffee mugs and knitted blankets.