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Hannah Sep 28, 2023 280 views

What is veterinarians main job?


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Kathelyn Jul 11, 2022 758 views

What are the best tips to prepare for a case interview?

Are there any tips to consider when presented with a business scenario?

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sarah Jun 26, 2023 342 views

How do I get an internship at MBB?

I'm trying to get an internship at McKinsey, Bain, or BCG for next summer. How do I prepare enough for case interviews to succeed?

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Eleanor Jun 20, 2023 420 views

How do I break into the consulting field? How do I prep for a case interview?


#consulting #business #management

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Diya Jul 13, 2023 2565 views

Can a chemical engineer work in the pharmaceutical industry?

Can a chemical engineer work in the pharmaceutical industry, where they might create new medicines, synthetic versions of existing medicines, or use cells to help understand diseases, disease pathways, and human responses to drugs? If so can you please advise on the degree and pathway needed...