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Nithilan’s Avatar
Nithilan Mar 29 380 views

How do I find internships for computer science and premed?

I want to find ways to be an experienced doctor or computer science and I haven't completely decided which field I am going to choose.

ezra’s Avatar
ezra Apr 10 496 views

What is one skill that is useful in all kind of job settings?

I do not want a 5 to 6 job

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Apr 21 554 views

What are some computer engineer or related internships that don't require any prior experience?

I am a college student looking for computer engineer internships in the San Jose Bay Area. What are some companies that are recruiting right now?

Mark’s Avatar
Mark Apr 23 502 views

How does one join a large IT company like Microsoft, IBM etc from college?

Can I apply directly to these companies ? How do I know where to go ?

broke’s Avatar
broke Apr 10 801 views

the best career to pursue?

career tips

Ruth’s Avatar
Ruth Mar 27 649 views

What can you do to be determined ?

How to overcome challenges

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Jan 28 812 views

Is it better to apply to many places for internships or focus on submitting personalized applications for a few places you are really interested in?

Some of my friends have told me that when applying to internships, especially in computer science, the thing that matters most is submitting a lot of applications and avoiding applications with required cover letters because they require too much time. Is it true the the most effective way to...