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Aaru’s Avatar
Aaru Mar 05 628 views

How do i make sure my start-up doesn't fail??

i am inspired by all these people i see on social media with their own start-ups and i am leaning towards being an entrepreneur, but that seems like an unstable profession.

Brandyn’s Avatar
Brandyn Mar 06 859 views

I am interested in running my own excavation/ landscaping/ construction business. I work best in an environment with management, time flexibility, and variety.

Is this a good fit for me?

Michel’s Avatar
Michel Feb 16 731 views

why doctor is better than engineer?

my family want i will became doctor

Melin’s Avatar
Melin Jan 08 759 views

How do I start little in my career of k-pop ?

Ive taken Michelle Marrota s advice.So how do i start little in kpop .I have a few ideas,first of all me and my friends have a k-pop group called high up and it consist of 5 of my friends who like k-pop i have 53 friends in total but only 5 of them like k-pop.I just wrote a song called LOL...