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Havertown, Pennsylvania
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I want to be an acoustic/noise control engineer.


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Alaric Apr 01 264 views

What would be a good plan for someone wanting to become an acoustic/noise control engineer?

I was planning on getting two degrees: one in math and the second in physics. Then I want to get a masters and doctorate in acoustics from Penn State. I then started researching the Institue of Noise Control Engineering. Would it be a good idea to apply for membership to INCE after graduate...

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Alaric Mar 25 285 views

Is changing my schedule worth it for technical school ?

My school offers a program where juniors and seniors can apply to leave for their first two blocks to go to technical school. They earn four elective credits per year for this and can even earn college credit. They still have to earn enough credits to graduate, so sacrifices have to be made. In...

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Alaric Mar 25 478 views

Should I focus on DSP or acoustic engineering? Also, any steps to take towards these careers?

I like both math and audio, which initially led to me discovering DSP. However, I discovered acoustic engineering, which I find to be equally interesting. I have experience in theatre sound and music production. I’m also infrequently learning to code.

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Alaric Mar 25 233 views

Would this be a good schedule for someone looking to major in physics and electrical engineering Also, which route should I take for my twelfth grade year?

I’m currently in eighth grade, but since seventh grade I’ve been planning out my high school schedule. I’m unsure on my twelfth grade schedule, though. I believe the science classes might be too much. Based on everything else I’m taking, what do you think I should do? I want to major in...