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Zaakirah’s Avatar
Zaakirah Apr 16 270 views

How do i figure out which major is for me?

I used to be very sure about what i wanted to do now im a little confused

Francis’s Avatar
Francis Apr 19 705 views

what attributes are colleges look for in a person?

I am 16 in high school I play multiple sports and I am good with talking to people

Nadia’s Avatar
Nadia Apr 22 625 views

How do I prepare thoroughly for an interview? Any advice?

Advice on:
Volunteering, Internships or College admission interviews

Oliver’s Avatar
Oliver Apr 22 508 views

How do i overcome distractions?

I really want to be more focused so I need advice.

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Apr 24 254 views

Best ways to prepare for college?

I want to know what I should be doing to be college ready

Jonas’s Avatar
Jonas Apr 25 495 views

How do I become a professional programmer?

Hi I'm 17, I want to know what do I do to become a professional programmer