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Traverse City, Michigan
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I want to be a film and TV actor, director, writer and producer.

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Luke May 04 507 views

How to memorize monologues quickly? #Spring2024

I am 16 and have an advanced theatre audition that I am going to, I have to memorize two monologues, one comedic and the other dramatic. I have ten days to do it.

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Luke Apr 30 681 views

How to keep coming up with ideas for a sitcom series? #Spring 2024

I am 16 and writing a TV sitcom to make on my high school stage with sets, costumes, makeup and the lot. I am also the lead actor, the director and producing it. I have 21 episode ideas, the first two fully scripted. What is the best way to keep the creative juices flowing with a hectic high...

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Luke Apr 29 415 views

How can teenagers realistically portray adults when acting? #Sping2024

I am a 16 year old interested in making my career in film acting, directing, writing, and producing. I am creating a TV sitcom set in 1950s New York. All of my actors will be high schoolers, who will be portraying adults. How can I sell the idea to distributors such as Tubi, even though adult...

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Luke Apr 29 340 views

How can I get funding for a high school student run TV show? #Spring2024

I am a 16 year old making a TV sitcom set in the early 1950s. Our theatre department, which I am involved in, has costumes and props, but I need money to build the sets. How should a high schooler get funding for such a big project?