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Lisamarie Oct 20, 2016 826 views

I'm really not sure if a stem career is right for me, I love math and science and absolutely adore the thought of getting paid to do what i love! Is there a way for me to know i want to make sure this is what i want how can i be sure?

I have an ap calculus class and it's giving me trouble i thought i loved math but this has me pulling my hair out! anyway how can i teach this is i cannot do it myself, or am i thinking too far ahead? should i give it time does it get easier should i just push through and hope for brighter...

Xavier’s Avatar
Xavier Oct 23, 2016 830 views

When going into the STEM field what type of college would benefit and individual most ? A liberal arts college (such as Wesleyan university) or a large university (such as A&M college station) ?

I've recently taken a tour to liberal arts colleges in the New England area and was wondering if these college types have an impact on education and career opportunities. #engineering #astronomy #natural #sciences

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Trinity Feb 08, 2017 781 views

Can you work with both kids and adults?

I wanted to know if they allow you to work with kids and adults working within this career #pyschology #masters-in-pyschology

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon May 10, 2017 1268 views

I want to become a lawyer, what program should I study in university?

Interested in pursuing law as a career, but there are so many options to study under in university. Should I just choose whatever program is most "GPA-friendly" or risk a slightly lower GPA for a program I'm genuinely interested in? #law #undergraduate #career-details #personal-development

Eliah’s Avatar
Eliah Feb 10, 2017 705 views

What is the best degree for becoming a Chef?

I want to go to culinary school and get a degree but I don't know what the best degree to get is. #chef

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Feb 19, 2017 725 views

Does employer like employee(entry level) with master degree?

In China, many common jobs ask employees with master degree. #master

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 10, 2017 1111 views

What are the requirements to become a professor?

Don't know the answer #professor #university-teaching #career-details