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Deborah Bortolin, NCARB, AIA, RIBA, ARB’s Avatar

Deborah Bortolin, NCARB, AIA, RIBA, ARB

Principal Architect at Walt Disney Imagineering
Management Occupations - Architecture and Engineering Occupations
Orlando, Florida
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Joanna’s Avatar
Joanna Nov 24, 2023 385 views

Should I go into architectual interior desighn or fashion desighn?

carrer tips

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Sep 01, 2017 1144 views

How much salary does a typical Architect make?

I'm talking about a degreed, certified Architect. I'm getting some indication that they don't make as much as college professors. Is this true? Anyone have real life information?
#architecture #architect #architecture-and-planning

Issa’s Avatar
Issa Sep 01, 2017 855 views

Is it true that architects get bored with the pressure of the work ?

So couple months ago, I had an internship in a big company , as I was going around talking workers, architects. One guy came to me and told me you wanna be an architects , I said yes, maybe I will come back here and work with you. he said you gonna come with a lot of energy at the beginning but...

Alysia’s Avatar
Alysia Oct 10, 2017 870 views

What level of education do you need to become an architect?

#architecture #architect #higher-education #architecture-and-planning

Marvin’s Avatar
Marvin Oct 30, 2017 1060 views

What is it like to be an Architect

#architecture #architecture-and-planning #building #art #design

James’s Avatar
James Oct 22, 2016 993 views

I like computer drafting and architecture. I would like a 2 year degree. Would I have a disadvantage over someone with a four or five year degree?

People are telling me a master's degree is better than an associate's. #or #someone #with #year #either #five #two #architecture #computer-aided-drafting #drafting #architecture-and-planning #architect #career

Bernardo’s Avatar
Bernardo Sep 01, 2017 968 views

What is the percentage of Architecture majors getting job right after graduation?

I'm asking because, I'm ready to invest all my effort and time into this major and I want know that my investment isn't going to waste. #UTA #architecture #architecture-and-planning

Htet Htet’s Avatar
Htet Htet May 30, 2017 3425 views

I am interested in drawing. What collage should I go? What career should I follow?

I would appreciate suggestions for my better future. I draw most days. I would like to know about careers in drawing. #art #design #artist #drawing

Nikki’s Avatar
Nikki May 13, 2016 1247 views

Is having a wildly different and innovative idea practical in the architecture world? It may seem like an easy question, but are most architectural projects designed to have a "wow factor" or are they just whatever is trending?

I am currently a senior in high school who will be majoring in architecture next year. I've always loved architecture and have wanted to be one since my kindergarten days. I want to know from an actual architect if they have the liberty to design pretty much whatever they want (within...

Rafael’s Avatar
Rafael Feb 15, 2017 3034 views

What is the most exciting part of being an architect?

I am very interested in becoming an architect and I want to know what part of a project is the most fun or exciting. Is it designing the general layout of the building or designing the interior? Where do you think you make the most impact in the design of a building? #architecture...

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 16, 2017 1099 views

Do you need to a license to build your own home?

Don't know the answer to the question. #construction

tyler’s Avatar
tyler May 28, 2016 767 views

Are there college organizations in which someone should consider participating in if they are pursuing a degree in architecture?

Since I will be pursuing a degree in architecture, I want to do everything I can to prepare myself. #architecture #architect