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Mariana’s Avatar
Mariana May 25, 2016 1099 views

For a neonatologist, are there constant needs for research and education in the NICU?

I'm an incoming sophomore at the University of the Incarnate Word. I've developed the love for working in the NICU in high school when I was a volunteer at the local hospital and now I essentially want to make a career out of it. I was able to shadow some doctors during my time there and only...

Ross’s Avatar
Ross Aug 23, 2017 842 views

Can i get some advice on my future plans?

Hi. My name is Ross and i just finished my CSEC/GCSE exams and ive been thinking about the career to be exact. First of all im trying to pin down exactly what i want to be. This might be a bit confusing but please bear with me. Ok ive based my career upon psychology, mainly...

Ben ’s Avatar
Ben Aug 10, 2017 3943 views

Are Udacity Nanodegrees in Digital Marketing worth it? Does it increase my employment chances?

I see some billboards around the Bay Area and Facebook/Instagram ads about this program. I am currently a senior at SJSU studying advertising. I am starting to plan for my life post college. I am willing to do anything to be more competitive in my career field. I either want to work in the...

Azar’s Avatar
Azar Feb 13, 2017 817 views

Do you have to know how to direct a production to earn your associates or masters in theater

I want to know #theatre #film-production #film-acting

Helen’s Avatar
Helen Jul 27, 2017 1177 views

#Career Help

I'm not sure what I want to do as far as a career. I love taking pictures drawing and writing stories, I'm great at organizing I like working with other people as a team, I love animals, helping other people I'm very creative I like clerical office work I think history is interesting, I'm a...

Angie’s Avatar
Angie Aug 09, 2017 1006 views

What activities can I pursue for a career in law?

What opportunities, hobbies, or activities can I pursue to be able to put on my college apps to make myself appear more dedicated to a career in law?

#law #lawyer #law-school

Anaka’s Avatar
Anaka Aug 13, 2017 762 views

What is the best way to get work experience for a career in media?

#Media is a broad field but extremely difficult to enter, how does one get their foot in?

Jolee’s Avatar
Jolee Aug 14, 2017 1580 views

How do I choose between my two passions?

The two things I'm most passionate about are acting and law. I was going to major in English and minor in theatre, the best of both worlds. But, how am I supposed to juggle law school and acting! I don't want to give either, but they don't really go hand and hand. Now I don't even know what to...