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Terri J. May 18, 2016 593 views
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Lindsay . May 24, 2016 3407 views

Can you apply to the same college twice

Applying for early and regular admission #college #hbcu...


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Auburn M. Sep 01, 2017 369 views

A day in the life of a Full time student.?

I'm 17 graduating in 2018. My career destination at the moment would be to pursue a major as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I'm taking some classes online right now and plan is to go to college as soon as a graduate high school. However I really am curious at the state of responsibility/ chaos...

#college-stress #nurse-practitioner

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Ethan K. Sep 27, 2017 439 views

What do I need to do after high school to open a martial arts gym?

I want to open my own tricking gym. I know that I want to pursue it but I do not know what to learn in college. #martial-arts #business...


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Dedreonna W. Sep 29, 2017 349 views

If you are struggling to receive scholarships and you are low on money should you attend college?

I am Dedreonna and I am asking this question because my fear is not getting scholarships or many scholarships and being in a bad debt. Should I attend if I am unsure of money situations #money #finance...


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Brianna C. Sep 29, 2017 657 views

What is the average class size of upper-division courses in larger colleges?

I attend a very small high school. There are roughly 52 students in my senior class. I would like to enroll in a large college, but i do not know if it will be too much for me. #size #college...


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Tamiya M. Nov 16, 2017 436 views

How would I start a Ceramics business ?

I found a passion in creating masterpieces with clay. I create plates, bowls, containers, etc. I would love to start this and move forward. #ceramics #glass,-ceramics-and-concrete #arts #business-development #business...