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Jared S. Oct 21, 2014 1290 views

Should i chose a career path based on viability or interest?

Lets say im very interested in physics, and somewhat interested in computer science. Should i pursue a career path that i may enjoy more (i.e. physics) or one where jobs are more available and more in-demand (i.e. engineering and computer...

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Aerionna S. Feb 09, 2015 3158 views

Is knowing a second language useful in the pursuit of becoming a lawyer?

I am 15 years old. I want to become a lawyer, I am currently taking Spanish. Spanish is become the second language lithe united states and I feel that by know both spanishnand English, I will not be limited to just english speaking...

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Leigh L. Mar 24, 2015 1014 views

What are some possible careers for someone who wants to take majors in Graphic Design, French, Sketching, Studio Arts, Photography, Music, French and Japanese ?

I'm in 12th grade, and I don't have a definite career choice yet. I just know that I would like to be fluent in Japanese and French, and that my career would be related to art and/or music. #graphic-design #video-games #photography #french #japanese...


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Wade-Noah B. Apr 08, 2015 787 views
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Darrian B. Apr 26, 2015 673 views

What does a degree in finance get me?

I am debating on whether or not to pursue this major. I am good a math. Is there any other attributes that would be helpful in this field that I need to know of? #mathematics...