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Blake M. May 09, 2019 345 views

What is the Future of AI looking like to you in business?

Where do you see the future of AI/Machine learning development progressing? There is a lot of talk at conventions focused around AI about the ethics behind it. I think some people are too heavily influenced by movies(Skynet for example) to be able to see the future of AI. How will it affect...

futuredevelopment computer technology aidevelopment ai machinelearning business

Gabrielle B.’s Avatar
Gabrielle B. Jan 30, 2020 281 views

Best Community Development Sectors

Where should a person begin to look within the sector of community development, and community services? Should I look towards non-profit organizations or for-profit companies? networking internship technology business-management job-application...


Gabrielle B.’s Avatar
Gabrielle B. Jan 30, 2020 359 views

What is the best way to create connections within a community?

When working with community outreach, how do you determine where it would be best to look to find connections to a common ground within community development? community-management business-management networking communitydevelopment community outreach engagement...