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Michaela B. Feb 25, 2015 1291 views

How do I prevent the temptation to go out every night while in college?

I know that college parties are a main factor in why students get kicked out. #college #decision-making...


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Karen P. Aug 28, 2016 812 views

What do you love about your job?

I am a high school student who has seen both the best and worst of many individuals' careers. I have seen people take up their careers, only to end up struggling to keep up with them. Lately, I haven't met many people who are happy doing what they do. Individuals have their own circumstances...

#appreciation #love-for-job #inspiration #career #student #career-choice #job #love

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Cori C. Oct 06, 2018 184 views

How should I dress for college interviews?

I am a female and wondering what type of attire to wear for interviews at colleges looking to be accepted into a 3+3 DPT program as incoming freshman. #interviews #college...


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Jennifer M. Oct 12, 2018 352 views

My family & friends

I will be a undergraduate next fall. I am hoping to attend one of the best schools that I personally believe has a great Nursing program for me. However, it is no where near home. I have always dreamed of a movie like college experience. I want to become much more independent and all, but My...

#nursing #college2023 #family

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Jose B. Apr 26, 2019 270 views
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Fatima B. May 03, 2019 303 views

How can I keep my schedule organized?

I need more time to hang out with friends #school #time #time-management #student #college...


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Michael M. Oct 03, 2019 132 views