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anthony’s Avatar
anthony Sep 06, 2023 290 views

What tools of the trade should I be familiar with?

I'm currently at Loring Job Corps to get training in Cisco. I'm later planning on take both Advance training programs: Cyper Security Ops and Advance Computer Systems Administration.

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Feb 27, 2023 555 views

What does a typical day look like as an Information Security Engineer?

I've been given the assignment to ask career professionals questions about their jobs, so my first has to be what's a typical day like as an Information Security Engineer.

Maddox’s Avatar
Maddox Feb 02, 2023 720 views

Cyber Security?

What is some of the challenges with this field and what do i need to do to get ready for that career?

James’s Avatar
James May 04, 2022 1501 views

Is there any travel in being an Information Security Analyst

Need more information.

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Iyanna Oct 30, 2019 558 views

Best colleges for pharmacology

I’m a junior in high school currently taking chemistry honors #chemistry #college

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Lanasia Nov 08, 2019 811 views

How's the occupational outlook for a network architect?

#occupational-outlook #networking #architect #the future
I have a computer project about network architect and their life

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Alyaniz Nov 08, 2019 701 views

What does a IT Security Specialist do on a daily basic?

#technology #information-technology #itsecurityspecialist

Alyaniz’s Avatar
Alyaniz Nov 08, 2019 697 views

What do you need to know to be a IT Security Specialist?

#technology #study #securityspecialist #career

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Lanasia Nov 08, 2019 841 views

How is it working as a network architect?

#networking #architecture #architect #technology #experience

kalum’s Avatar
kalum Nov 08, 2019 594 views

I am in the 9th grade and I am just beginning to explore my future career, My question is that is a Help desk technician a Hard but good paying job?

#job #career #technology My teacher gave us this career and i need to find out what its about.

Alyaniz’s Avatar
Alyaniz Nov 08, 2019 833 views

What is the salary of a IT Security Specialist?

#salary #educator #technology #securityspecialist

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Savina Oct 09, 2019 1045 views

How would i go about getting into a career with computers

#career-choice #computer-science #computer #computer-programming #technology #computer-engineering

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Corey Oct 03, 2019 679 views

How do you get the job?