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Shane K.’s Avatar
Shane K. May 13, 2016 551 views

I will most likely have to take out student loans. Is it hard to get approved without credit or much work history?

I will need extra funds for housing. The college I plan on going to does not have dorms. #housing...


Rida A.’s Avatar
Rida A. Jan 24, 2017 735 views

How is supply chain of companies with the advancement of technology?

I am a supply chain major and i want to know if i should do a minor in Information Systems to make myself more marketable #project-management #supply-chain...


Joel P.’s Avatar
Joel P. May 09, 2016 603 views

Best way to get cover college tuition?

Well, I've fallen behind in getting financial support for college and I've been excepted!! Yaaaay! Well, my family and I don't have deep pockets, so what's are your recommendations!...


Nyria B.’s Avatar
Nyria B. Jun 29, 2018 313 views
Ezra R.’s Avatar
Ezra R. Mar 07, 2015 989 views

What's the best job that can pay off college?

I am just wondering because I am 6 grader. I would like to pay of college with no loans. I would like when I am 14 teen to get a workers permit. That's only 2 years away. I don't care if I work at a nursing home. Just till I'm 16 and able to deliver pizza. #college #employment...


Allyson P.’s Avatar
Allyson P. Jan 18, 2018 295 views

When you're in college, does studying by yourself work better or studying with a group of people?

I am not the best at studying, but I would like to get better....


Alex L.’s Avatar
Alex L. Apr 17, 2017 998 views
Brooklyn M.’s Avatar
Brooklyn M. Mar 17, 2018 424 views

What's it really like to be a Neurosurgeon or in Neuroscience in general?

I originally wanted to pursue a career in Astrology or any science. I felt that if I wanted to achieve goals such as doing charity and making the world a better place, I needed a high paying career/job that would be enjoyable and interesting. So, what are the feelings of being a Neurosurgeon;...

#money #surgery #neuroscientist #research #morals #science #neuroscience #success #career #general-career-questions #brain-surgeon #neurosurgery

S M.’s Avatar
S M. Jun 14, 2018 329 views

Pursuing a MSW

I am really interested in pursuing a MSW. I am finishing up a graduate certificate in Sociology, but I don’t have a lot of recent, relevant work experience. I understand that most MSW programs require work (or at least volunteer) experience. What are some good strategies for networking and...

#msw #gradschool #socialwork

Deon B.’s Avatar
Deon B. Aug 21, 2018 351 views
Laurel T.’s Avatar
Laurel T. Jan 18, 2018 475 views

Can you ask an employer for the adverage salary?

#interviewing I am heading into interviews and was wondering if it was ok to ask an employer/interviewer what the average pay was for a certain position in their company. Is this appropriate to ask or should I just use websites like...

Sierra M.’s Avatar
Sierra M. Sep 01, 2017 459 views

What percentage of students in college change their major or declare an undecided major after their first year?

I wasn't sure about what I wanted to major in until recently and I was curious as to whether the odds of me changing my major were high or not. At the moment I don't feel like I will change my major, but my parents and other adults have told me many stories of them changing their majors even...


Antonio  T.’s Avatar
Antonio T. Apr 25, 2017 1132 views

Any tips to help ease the worry of a good interview?

I recently got my permission to work in the U.S, but so far I've been struggling my interviews. I have been applying for several jobs and I've gotten call for interviews. When I do the interviews, I always try to give a good impression but after the interview I don't get call back about the...

#jobs #first-job #college-jobs #cashier #summer-jobs #job-search

Shakoor A.’s Avatar
Shakoor A. Mar 05, 2018 475 views

How can you decide your career for the rest of your life?

I like to think of myself as a Renaissance Man. I strive my hardest to be great at everything. I find it confusing how people are able to single out a specific occupation that they can commit to for the rest of their life. If someone can help me with what I should do to figure out what job I...

#medicine #career-decisions

Raheem  D.’s Avatar
Raheem D. Feb 10, 2017 390 views

if i played baseball for a school, what equipment will i have to buy for the games and how much will it cost

some schools provides the players with equipment for the games but i have also heard that you will have to buy the gloves and the bats and some times other equipment, is this true....and if so can you tell me what it is i need to buy and how much it will cost #baseball #sport...


Anja S.’s Avatar
Anja S. Jun 10, 2016 768 views

What programming languages are useful for robotics?

Hi! I'm currently interested in pursuing computer science, especially for the development of artificial intelligence and robotics. What are the most valued and useful programming languages to know? #programming #robotics...


Brooklyn M.’s Avatar
Brooklyn M. Mar 17, 2018 3186 views

Can a student recover from failing a college class?

How many classes can a student fail before they are not able to succeed? Can a student recover from a few failed classes after retaking them and getting a better grade? What happens when you take a class that cannot be retaken because it is above 3000, but you need it to succeed? Can I...

#college #classes #gpa #sophomore #class #student-development #recover #student #recovery #grades #failure #university #stress #help #mental-health #freshmen #stress-management

Alexandria S.’s Avatar
Alexandria S. Jun 18, 2016 1329 views

What are some ways I can make political connections while in highschool?

I am planning on attending college to major in political science before attending law school. Eventually, I plan on going on to run for a governmental position. I would like to get involved now with my local government and am part of a YMCA program that helps with that, but what else can I do...

#lawyer #political-campaigns #local-government #federal-government #us-government

Brandon D.’s Avatar
Brandon D. Oct 24, 2016 356 views

How hard is it to find a job with a Computer Science degree?

I aspire to get a degree in this field and wanted to get some opinions....


Timothy K.’s Avatar
Timothy K. Aug 23, 2018 296 views

How does one go about getting an internship while in college?

I know I want an internship so that I can gain real world experience in whatever I decide to go into, but I have no idea about how to get one. Do you research online? Do you talk to your professors? I don't know. #professional #internships...


Eliana D.’s Avatar
Eliana D. Aug 07, 2019 254 views

How should I go about becoming a lawyer?

I am going into my senior year which leads to a lot of questions about my future such as where should I go to college? What am I going to study? What is my plan? #lawyer #college-major #law...


Amanda B.’s Avatar
Amanda B. Oct 20, 2016 19574 views

Electrical engineering vs mechanical engineering??

I have done all kinds of research to try to figure out which one I should go into, but I still have no idea. They say mechanical engineering is nice if you like taking things apart and building things;whereas, electrical engineering is more for those who like a challenge. I fall into both...

Deon B.’s Avatar
Deon B. Aug 21, 2018 319 views
John-Peter O.’s Avatar
John-Peter O. Mar 26, 2018 3131 views

What kind of companies are the best places for biomedical engineers to work in?

I'm a senior in high school and interested in Biomedical Engineering. I am also very interested in following a guideline to becoming a seasoned and well respected Biomedical Engineer. #biomedical-engineering #engineering #biomedical...


Ezra R.’s Avatar
Ezra R. Mar 07, 2015 795 views

how much does a lawyer need to change prices

I'm a 6 grader. I was thinking 150 for all meetings with my Clint. Every court date 950 Then 5 years later put it up to 200 all meetings with my Clint. 1000 per court date. then 225 dollars for all vists with my Clint. 1250 per court date....


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