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Hyderabad, Telangana
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amanda C. Oct 03, 2019 92 views

what steps did you do to get here

this queastion is for pychology...


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isaac M. Nov 15, 2019 91 views
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Derek W. Dec 10, 2019 222 views

What type of job should I apply too

I don't have much experience in anything except for babysitting and technology #technology #job...


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Ayden W. Dec 10, 2019 262 views
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Haley C. Dec 11, 2019 98 views

What type of job should a first time college student get?

I am 19 years old and attending an online college. I need help figuring out what type of job would best suit me while attending online school....


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imoni S. Jan 15 236 views

How many years of college do i have to do to become a computer science support specialist ?

I am a 12th grade student and I would like to major in computer science and become a computer science support specialist. #computer-science #college #computer...


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Ayon R. Jan 16 171 views

How do I become a Data Scientist after completing my undergraduate degree in Economics?

I'm currently pursuing an Economics degree (lots of econometrics experience) and I am learning principles of machine learning on the side. What aspect of data science should I focus on honing to get my foot into the world of DS/ML? #technology...