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Matthew W. Jul 01, 2016 1023 views

What are habits for success?

What do you do every morning to be productive during the day? At night? Any tips are more than appreciated! :) #help #advice #success #fitness #exercise #routine...


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Ligaya B. Jul 14, 2016 728 views

How often should one update his/her resume

It would be interesting to know how long (or soon) one should update their resume. #career #resume #cv...


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Monica C. Jan 23, 2018 505 views

How is college different from high school?

I'm in a very rigorous program in my high school (the IB program), and I was wondering how the course load differs? #college...


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Kendell G. Aug 11, 2018 306 views

How much sleep is really required?

It seems that when i get more hours of sleep, i feel groggy during the day. What is the right amount of sleep for a teen?...


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khamira W. Apr 30, 2019 943 views
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Carylle T. Aug 28, 2019 290 views
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andrea E. Nov 19, 2019 135 views

send a thank you note after your interview

to perform your career well you have to have experience in your profession #job...


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charlotte H. Mar 07, 2020 481 views

What's the most important part of a resume?

Which aspect of my resume should I highlight or refer to in my cover letter to have the most impactful and effective application? #job-application #resume #job-search...