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Cedar Hill, Texas

Within 40 mile radius
Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Oct 20, 2015 1481 views

What jobs do you do if you are in engineering

cause I want a good part in engineering #engineering #jobs

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Oct 20, 2015 1217 views

what is the salary of a engineer

cause I need a good pay if I want to be an engineer #engineer

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Oct 20, 2015 746 views

What do you need to become an engineer

Cause I might need those things

Makenna’s Avatar
Makenna Oct 20, 2015 1098 views

how to start my own busness at a young age ? to get my own money........

I'm 11 years old and I want to start a business that doesn't get in the way of school.

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Oct 20, 2015 1337 views

What are some good collages i should attend for engineering

Cause I want to choose a college that I feel like im doing the right thing and the in the right place #college #engineering

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Oct 20, 2015 1544 views

What advice would you give someone who wants to go to college for engineering

I want to probobaly do this in college #it

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Oct 20, 2015 1735 views

What does the field Computer Programming need.

I am asking this because this is my favorite interest and I want to get a early start on it. #computer-science #computer-programming

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Oct 19, 2015 1083 views

what is the best collage i should go to if i whant to be an arcitect

I would kindly like to know what the best way for me to become an architect. And what collages would be good for that #creative #building

Karis’s Avatar
Karis Sep 04, 2015 22222 views

How much do you get paid while going through cosmetology school?

I'm a senior in high school wanting to pursue a career in cosmetology. A friend of mine is already in cosmetology school, and although it's discounted, she gets paid by each client she has come in to the student salon. I'd just like to know about how much you would get paid per month?

Ruina’s Avatar
Ruina Sep 03, 2015 1414 views

What practice for college student ,whose major is hotel manegement ?

I am senior In high school , interesting in hotel management . But very confuse what job about this major and how much money can I get in the beginning . #professor #management #hospitality #hotel

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Sep 03, 2015 10268 views

Do you have to be good at art to be an Interior Designer?

I'm not an artistic person at all but I enjoy decorating rooms and homes. I am interested in the décor part but not sure about the art part when I start to take classes for the career. So, if you could enlighten me on how artsy you have to be that would very much appreciated. #interior-design

MATT’s Avatar
MATT Sep 03, 2015 1030 views

what are the best collages if i want to be a game warden.

Im a senior in high school #game #hunting

Patton’s Avatar
Patton Sep 03, 2015 5515 views

What's a career that someone with degrees in Political Science and Ancient History could find themselves in?

Hi, I'm a senior in high school and am planing on studying Ancient History and Political Science at TCU. Right now I'm planing on getting a double major in Political Science and Film and getting my PHD in Ancient History. What are some jobs these degrees could provide for me? I'm thinking about...

Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey Sep 03, 2015 1763 views

which colleges offer the the best psychology courses?

I'm looking into psychology as a career choice and I'm interested in what school have the best courses. #psychology

Sophie ’s Avatar
Sophie Sep 03, 2015 1566 views

In order to get a doctrate degree in Physical Therapy, what are the possible majors i could do?

I am a senior in high school looking to go to texas state university, they offer a doctorate in PT but not a major and I was wondering what I needed to major in to get my doctorate. #physical-therapy

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