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Huntsville, Alabama

Within 40 mile radius
Nikeia’s Avatar
Nikeia Aug 09, 2020 803 views

Nurse Scientist

I posted a question earlier about nursing vs. medical laboratory science as I have an interest in both careers. I stumbled over this profession when I searched if there was any way I could combine nursing and laboratory science/ research. What does the typical day of work look like for a nurse...

Nikeia’s Avatar
Nikeia Aug 08, 2020 13477 views

Nursing vs. Medical Laboratory Scientist

I have a BS in Biology and I’m looking to further my education. I’m currently in nursing school but I also have an interest in a career in laboratory science. What’s some advice for careers in nursing/medical laboratory science, and how do I know which career is for me? #career-counseling...

Irina’s Avatar
Irina Jun 07, 2019 501 views

Why am I good for what should be my career


Regan’s Avatar
Regan Jan 25, 2019 3626 views

Can I major in Marketing and minor in Interior Design?

I want to be an Interior Designer, with Event Planner as a back-up. I have already been told it may not be the greatest idea to major in Interior Design, so it this a better idea

#interior-design #design #business

Albany’s Avatar
Albany Jan 07, 2019 651 views

how much does it cost to go to collage to be a singer

What collage should i go to ? To become a singer and how much will i get payed . How long do i have to be in collage to become a singer?

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Oct 02, 2018 569 views

Are there any specific scholarships for students pursuing engineering in Alabama?

#engineering #scholarships

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Aug 14, 2018 492 views

What major is best for an aspiring Occupational Therapist?

#majors #occupationaltherapist

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Aug 14, 2018 563 views

How am I supposed to know what I want to do for the rest of my life without actually doing it?


Raven’s Avatar
Raven May 30, 2018 541 views

How do you prepare, mentally, for the rigorous demands of the medical field? And at what point in postsecondary schooling and training does it get the worst? When does it lighten up?

As I said in my previous question, I will be a freshman in college next fall. I've known for a while now that I want to pursue a career in the medical field. I work very hard and I am passionate towards what I do, and I have faced a lot of adversity. No one in my family has a career in...

Raven’s Avatar
Raven May 30, 2018 638 views

How does patient interaction and communication with other physicians differ between Interventional Radiologists and a traditional, diagnostic Radiologist?

Hi, my name is Raven and I will be a freshman in college next fall. I truly believe that I want to become an Interventional Radiologist, and I have shadowed one, but only for an hour on one day, so I only got a glimpse of what they do. I do enjoy interacting and having conversations with...

James’s Avatar
James May 28, 2018 777 views

What is a good way to balance graduate studies and work

After obtaining my Bachelors degree in music education I plan on moving on shortly after to pursue my Masters and eventually my Doctorates in music education. In order to qualify for the Doctoral program you must have three years of teaching experience. How should I balance my studies and...

James’s Avatar
James May 28, 2018 646 views

What are qualities that make a student stand out among all the others in college ?


Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jan 21, 2018 673 views

What kind of job does someone get while they're in dental school?

Do they get something related to dentistry? And if they do, how do they get hired without graduating from dental school first?

#dentistry #dental-school

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jan 21, 2018 569 views

What are the steps in starting your own practice as a dentist?

I've researched all the steps that it takes to become a dentist, but I'm still wondering how you actually start your own practice. Should you get a certain amount of experience first? Do you need to understand business and finances? Do you build your own office or do you buy one already built?...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Jan 20, 2018 696 views

What is the day in the life of a lobbyist like?

I am aware that many days are spent on capitol hill (normally at the state level), but what do the other days look like? Is it more of a work from home type job, etc? #agriculture #lobbyist

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