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Jalandhar, Punjab, India

Within 40 mile radius
alok’s Avatar
alok May 26 846 views

How can i get job in programming field at 13 years.?

If is Possible then where i want to earn because i want to become financial idependent If your website is legit then answer my question i want to earn

Jasmilan’s Avatar
Jasmilan May 22, 2022 5354 views

what's the best answer to "WHY SHOULD WE HIRE YOU?"

i applied for many jobs but i get stuck at interview when they ask why should we hire you please help me out with the best answer to impress the interviewer

ranjit’s Avatar
ranjit May 01, 2021 515 views

if i dont take maths or science in 12th standard so can i take these subjects in BA in psychology bcoz i want to became a clinical psychologist or counselor who treat mentally ill individual

im student im trying to complete my ielts after that i want to go canada for my higher education but im confused so plz help me i want to pursue ba in psychology #student

ranjit’s Avatar
ranjit Apr 17, 2021 460 views

after arts can i study in clinical psychology

im a arts student i have a these sub like history ,gen english,gen punjabi,elective punjabi ,physical education ,computer science #student so tell me plz i can i do my psychology studies #students

Ramanpreet’s Avatar
Ramanpreet Apr 09, 2021 562 views

I have completed my masters in computer Science but i don't like coading,want to do job in some creative field with lots of colours. Please guide me

I have completed my Masters in computer field but don't want to work in my field of study #field

Amit’s Avatar
Amit Sep 15, 2018 2431 views

What is the future of Digital Marketing

Hi, I want to know career option and future of Digital Marketing #marketing #career

Tushar’s Avatar
Tushar Jun 25, 2017 1208 views

Which college is preferred for an undergraduate student for computer science courses ?

Respected @lionel Silberman @ollie Jones and @matt Manuel sir , I am a student from India I am sure that after my high school I will be studying in any country other than india so I was a bit confused about which country and which college would be best for me as I am a 85-95 % scorer and...

Karan’s Avatar
Karan Aug 13, 2016 853 views

Could you please tell me how many years would it take to become a dentist,jumping from a dentist hygienist profession.any realted suggestions please.

I want to be one of the kind. #dentistry #dentist #dental-hygienist #dental #dental-hygiene #dds

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