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Limestone, Maine

Within 40 mile radius
Keorah’s Avatar
Keorah Jul 11, 2019 363 views

how many years of school to achieve your crediental?

#college #nursing #RN #healthcare #nurse #medicine

Skyler’s Avatar
Skyler Jun 24, 2021 353 views

What is it like to work in a cyber security field?

I'm an aspiring cyber security analyst who has a high interest in programming, computers and cryptography. #programming #computer #technology #computer-science

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Sep 14, 2021 341 views

What was the longest consecutive time you worked in a day?

I am a potential Electrician looking for more information about this craft. #time-management #electrical-engineer #electrician

alomar’s Avatar
alomar Apr 25 226 views

for CDL what is some good advice while going through training

for CDL what is some good advice while going through training

Damanique’s Avatar
Damanique Mar 13, 2019 653 views

What do a CNA do on a regularly basis ?

#nursing #hospital-and-health-care #nurse

Abdiel’s Avatar
Abdiel Mar 05, 2020 581 views

Is a career in Video Game Design viable for living?

If I pursue a career in game design, will it help pay for bills and the like or should it just stay a hobby?
#video-game-design #games #design #game-design

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Mar 18, 2019 236 views

what is the hardest thing in auto motive

Auto body and repair #college

Minelie’s Avatar
Minelie May 22, 2019 287 views

Is this nursing job good


abdimalik’s Avatar
abdimalik Oct 21, 2019 273 views

do you need to have high school dp to come CIA agen ?

how much do the CIA make a year #military #business

Izabella’s Avatar
Izabella Feb 11, 2019 864 views

What is a day like in the computer networking field?

#Technology #ComputerNetworkAssistant #Network

Lera’s Avatar
Lera Nov 29, 2021 405 views

What is the most challenging part of being a mechanical engineer?

#engineering #mechanical-engineering #engineer #mechanical-engineer #mechanical

Martin’s Avatar
Martin Mar 04, 2019 437 views

What is the highest college degree you recieved?

What is the highest degree you received and what was it, why did you decide to go into that field #tech #college #career

Bryce’s Avatar
Bryce Nov 29, 2021 192 views

What is it like working as an Automotive Mechanic

I am currently going through a Job Corps Center, to get my ASE certification as an automotive mechanic, and was wondering what the average day as a mechanic is like, along with anything to look out for along with some tips and tricks of the trade. #engineering

Lera’s Avatar
Lera Nov 29, 2021 383 views

What is your biggest regret as a mechanical engineer?

#mechanical-engineering #engineering #mechanical-engineer #engineer #aerospace-engineering

Devin’s Avatar
Devin Mar 18, 2019 517 views

What is your daily routine as a Software Developer?

#Software Developer #technology

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Mar 13, 2019 558 views

As someone who is a software developer, what is the most challenging part of the job?

#software-engineer #software-developer #technology

Kyah’s Avatar
Kyah Nov 29, 2021 227 views

If you own a restaurant. What is the schedule by which you are open? Days and hours.

#chef #culinary-arts #culinary #cooking

curtis’s Avatar
curtis Apr 22, 2019 392 views

how do you find a job that you want

I want to be a music artist what job would help me #artist #musician #music-industry

Lera’s Avatar
Lera Nov 29, 2021 272 views

What classes were you required to take in college to become a mechanical engineer?

I'm working on becoming a mechanical engineer but I just want to know what I'm in for before I enroll in a college. #engineer #mechanical-engineering #engineering #college-major #college

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Nov 29, 2021 226 views

What Career is there hands on

i want to make good money #finance #money

abdimalik’s Avatar
abdimalik Oct 21, 2019 339 views

how to become CIA agent ?

#criminal-justice #criminal

shalea’s Avatar
shalea Mar 13, 2019 237 views

how would i become a film & video editors


xavier’s Avatar
xavier Sep 17, 2021 246 views

how did you start to know that the job you picked would have been a great opportunity or a well loved job?

#career #automotive #auto mechanics

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Sep 15, 2021 398 views

Is there room for upward mobility as an electrician?

My name is Brandon, I am a Hispanic male looking to get into becoming an Electrician. I am attending a trade program for electrical school and before I dive head first into this trade I just had a couple questions regarding the field. #electrician #electrical-engineering

Damian’s Avatar
Damian Sep 14, 2021 260 views

How did you get into the Technology field and is the work as ambitious as I think it is? Am I on the right path given my circumstances?

I'm a young man highly interested in pursuing a career in Technology. Specifically, I want to be apart of something where innovation and the development of new, cutting edge technology is apart of the goal, working for companies like SpaceX, Tesla, Apple, or Microsoft. As of right now with my...

Willy’s Avatar
Willy Jun 17, 2019 310 views

Are you happy with your career choice?


Dawson’s Avatar
Dawson Jun 24, 2021 239 views

I plan on going into the Navy for Aviation Mechanics I was just wondering the process of the entire endeavor

My name is Dawson Noll, I plan on going into the navy for aviation mechanics after my time at job corps learning auto mechanics along with diesel mechanics so I can have the best chance at attaining aviation mechanics for my MOA in the navy. #aviation #navy #airline-industry

Martin’s Avatar
Martin Mar 04, 2019 330 views

Wha field did you decide to go into?

#career #college-major

Janick’s Avatar
Janick Jun 24, 2021 258 views

whats something I can do with animals

#veterinarian #animals #animal-health

Anderson’s Avatar
Anderson Jun 05, 2019 398 views

what services was available to you after completing


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