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Norridge, Illinois

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Alaya’s Avatar
Alaya 5 hours ago 120 views

Why don’t I know what I wanna pursue or do yet (career wise) ? #Spring23

I’m currently a freshman going on into my sophmore year in the fall and I for right now, I wanna be a lawyer but I don’t know if that’s really for me or not. I love to debate but at first when I was 10, I wanted to be an actress but I outgrew that, then a therpaist until I found out they don’t...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Jun 07 1401 views

Is it possible to become an engineer with a physics degree?

. .

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Jun 07 1183 views

How hard is it to get a career as a physicist if I'm an engineering major with a finance minor ?

Is there any way to do this without having to get a PhD?

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Jun 02 725 views

How hard is it to get a career in investment banking if I'm an engineering major with a finance minor?

Additionally, would it make a difference if I got double majored in engineering and finance instead of having it as a minor?

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla May 29 479 views

What careers are available to me as a Political Science major looking to work at a business firm?

I am a political science major looking to enter the consulting profession but I do not know a lot of people who are consultants or majored in the same thing I did. I would like to receive guidance and come up with a career path to enter the business world as a non-business major.

kale’s Avatar
kale May 25 676 views

how long did/does it take to land a job in PR and marketing?

what types of tasks do you do day to day in those jobs?

Irene’s Avatar
Irene May 24 147 views

As a full-time worker and parent, how feasible is it to manage the course load and clinical requirements of chiropractic school Are there any programs that offer part-time or evening classes to accommodate my schedule??

Are there specific scholarships or financial aid options available for non-traditional students like myself who might have additional financial responsibilities?

Izabela’s Avatar
Izabela May 22 410 views

How can I best prepare myself for working in the world of counseling?

Just graduated high school. Going to major in psychology next academic year in university. I am really interested in counseling and as I continue studying I will be able to figure out how to narrow down what kind of counseling I want my focus to be. I want to be doing things outside of...

Randy’s Avatar
Randy May 16 263 views

What steps do i have to take after finishing highschool?

How much money do I have to save before going to college?

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 15 345 views

Is it easier to get into more prestigious universities if I applied as an astrophysics major rather than a physics major?

I'm a highschool student trying to decide what type of major to apply to.

Vincent’s Avatar
Vincent May 14 668 views

What is the best way to get started on applying for internships or gaining experience in the field of computer engineering?

I'm a rising sophomore in college pursuing a major in computer engineering. I want to gain experience in the field to be ready for the workforce. How would I get started in doing so?

Phyllis’s Avatar
Phyllis May 14 394 views

How much money do i have to save to go to college?

What steps do I have to take after finishing highschool

Jocelyn’s Avatar
Jocelyn May 13 399 views

Is there any research lab program or internship’s that are virtual or online I can take as a student interested in medicine and engineering?

Hi, I’m currently a Junior in Highschool and I wanna gain research experience this summer before I start applying to colleges. I was wondering if anyone can help me find these opportunities in Illinois if possible. Thanks!

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan May 13 138 views

How can I break into writing as a career? How can I make money as a writer. how do I get into acting as a career? How do I get into the videogame design industry with a Union.

How can I break into writing as a career? How can I make money as a writer. how do I get into acting as a career? How do I get into the videogame design industry with a Union.

Theo’s Avatar
Theo May 13 172 views

What sort of training and education would one need to become an Oceanographer?

Im a sophomore and was wondering what this job would entail and what kind of education I would need to get this job.

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