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Career Questions tagged Medical Assistant

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Neftali Nov 16 63 views

how do i know whats right for me, as a medical assistant?

I have a question for my medical assistants. How do I know what place is best suited for me? meaning hospitals, doctors' clinics, physician offices, etc

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Neftali Nov 16 107 views

what is the task you do the most when working as a registered nurse and or a medical assistant?

state if you are an RN or medical assistant and explain your relation to the question. you can explain stories related to the question as well :D

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Neftali Nov 16 81 views

How would you describe your journey of becoming a registered nurse or medical assistant?

describe the journey it took to get where you are, struggles, accomplishments, achievements, the school you attended, courses you took, and personal stories.

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Moses Nov 09 64 views

What company do you think I should start out with in medical assisting ?

What company do you think I should start out with in medical assisting ?

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Jandira May 19, 2015 999 views

How many years do I need to go to college to be a medical assistant?

I go to Madison Park HS in Boston and have chosen the medical assistant vocation because I like to help people and I want to make money. #college #medicine #medical-assisting #medical-assistant

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Moses Nov 09 54 views

What certificates will I need to become a certified nursing assistant?

what certificates will i need to become a certified nursing assistant?

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Meleny Aug 18 117 views

What is a typical day or week like for you?

Medical Assistant

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Meleny Aug 18 132 views

Which skills are most important for a job like yours?

Medical Assistant

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Zemen Aug 14, 2019 512 views

What is typical day like in your job

#medicine #medical-assistant #hospital-and-health-care

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Jessica Jul 14, 2020 311 views

What's it like being a medical assistant?


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Tamyra Sep 18, 2020 270 views

How many years of school will you have to take for medical assistant ?

My name is Tamyra . I'm 14 and i want to be an medical assistant when i get older .
I just want to know is the path to medical assistant challenging . #medical # nurse #doctor #medical-assistant

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Zainab May 24 250 views

How to Ace your Certified Clinical Medical Assistant examination?

Tip and strategies

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victoria Jul 08 243 views

questions for medical assistants

how did you manage to not give up while going through thee schooling for your degrees ?any main tips on studying and how to stay focused in school and not get distracted ?
is it harder or easier then it looks being a medical assistant ?

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jacqueline Mar 31 253 views

How many hours does a medical assistant do while working in a hospital ?

I'm young with not much experience or knowledge about my career path choice and would like to learn.

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Mithun Mar 19 261 views

How do you become a medical transcriber?

I am certified Medical Assistant. I am from Bangladesh (South Asia). I have been working in an international organization for more than 4 years. Now, i would like to increase my income. Because my current salary is not sufficient for me. So, I decided that I will be working as a medical...

Larissa’s Avatar
Larissa May 21, 2018 448 views

what's the best part about being a medical assistant

Hi I want to work in the Healthcare field and I'm trying to decide which field would be the best for me. I think medical assistant is interesting but I also like nursing ,so I'm trying to figure out what's the best part about being a medical assistant ? #medical-assistant #hospital #medicine...

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Cyril Jun 08, 2015 1143 views

Is there a lot of math stuff when being a doctor?

Just got a curiosity. #doctor #nurse #doctorate #medical-assistant

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Desiree Feb 08, 2017 600 views

How much money will you make being a doctor?

My name is Desiree , I am 15 years old. My mom works at the hospital , I look up to her and want to do what she does. I would love to take care of people or be a pediatrician. #pediatrician #neurosurgeon #medical-assistant #dermatologist #epidemiologist #allergist #physiologist