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Career Questions tagged Veterinary

A veterinarian is a doctor for animals. Some careers veterinarians may go into are opening up their business and caring for common house pets, working for farms to ensure food...

Tabor B.’s Avatar
Tabor B. Oct 26, 2015 626 views

What kind of classes do you have to take to become a veterinarian

i would like to become a veterinarian when i grow up.... The type of animals i would like to work with are dogs and any type of farm animal etc.... veterinarian...


Mireya A.’s Avatar
Mireya A. Oct 07, 2015 915 views

Is it possible to get a bachelors in science and use it for a RN degree

I'd like to ultimately become a veterinarian but to avoid loans and because I'd like to work as a nurse temporarily, I was wondering if it's possible to get a bachelors in science & use it for the nursing career since that's what is needed to become a Veterinarian. I wouldn't have to...

nurse veterinary

Latianna M.’s Avatar
Latianna M. Jun 10, 2015 1980 views

How easy is it to find a job in being a vet ?

My name is latianna Miller and i am wondering how easy would it be to find a job in being a vet after college veterinarian veterinary...


Alanna L.’s Avatar
Alanna L. May 19, 2015 858 views

What are the first steps after college to be able to start your own Vet Practice??

My plan is to startmy own vet practice and I want to know whatsteps to take after college. business veterinary...


Alanna L.’s Avatar
Alanna L. May 19, 2015 666 views

Does Majoring in Biology give you props when applying for a job in a vet's office?

I want to go to vet school after Community College and I love bio biology veterinary...


Kristina  C.’s Avatar
Kristina C. Apr 08, 2015 1104 views

How much does a veterinarian make yearly?

I want to be a veterinnarian but i want to make sure they make enough money. science veterinary...


Nicole B.’s Avatar
Nicole B. Nov 13, 2014 844 views

What majors do students preparing to become a vet usually take?

I would like to become a vet when I'm older, but as I'm applying for college, I am lost for what majors I should take. I understand that there are a variety of majors that students studying to become a vet take, I just don't know what those majors are. To be more specific, I mean what majors...

veterinary-medicine majors veterinarian veterinary college-major

Andrea H.’s Avatar
Andrea H. Apr 23, 2014 1666 views

What is the starting salary for a small animal veterinarian?

This being for either California or New York please. veterinarian veterinary animals...


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Andrea H. Apr 22, 2014 1265 views
Andrea H.’s Avatar
Andrea H. Apr 22, 2014 3262 views

UC Davis vs Cornell University for a pre-vet track?

I was accepted to UC Davis for animal biology and to Cornell University for animal science. I know both are very good schools for veterinarians and have highly rated and ranking vet schools and programs. I have heard that Cornell is a bit more hands on work and there is a lot of opportunity for...

career-path veterinarian animals veterinary

Alejandra  G.’s Avatar
Alejandra G. Mar 17, 2014 1071 views

What schools can I look into for animal care services?

I'm interested in working with animals in the future and I wanted to know about where I could go or what I could look into for working with animals. Whether it is training, or nursing, or anything like that. veterinarian veterinary animals...


Bchristen .’s Avatar
Bchristen . May 23, 2012 1270 views

What colleges are the best to attend for a pre-vet major?

I am passionate about becoming a vet. I want to attend a top pre-vet college, but dont really know what colleges to choose from...


Bsolorzano13NFTEBOSS .’s Avatar
Bsolorzano13NFTEBOSS . Jan 19, 2012 3356 views

What would be the most difficult thing about becoming a veterinarian?

I'm currently in 11th grade and i have some experience with animals from volunteering in a animal clinic. I find working with animals very easy and i enjoy it a lot. I have heard that college is very difficult when studying all parts of different animals. veterinarian veterinary...


CareerVillage ’s Avatar
CareerVillage . Dec 29, 2011 2741 views

What careers should I explore if I want to work with animals?

I love animals, and I would love to have a career where I could work with animals. I know that being a veterinarian is one option, but I'm wondering what other options are available and the path to a successful career working with animals. career-paths veterinary animals...