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Career Questions tagged Work Shadowing

Mireia’s Avatar
Mireia Jan 17, 2018 985 views

What are some tips for finding shadowing opportunities?

I'm interested in shadowing. Wondering how to find shadowing opportunities and would love to hear personal stories and how it helped you. #work-shadowing #job-shadowing #employment-opportunities #career #career-counseling #teach -mentoring #career-development #career-plan #plan #career-choice...

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie Jan 25, 2017 818 views

How do I build a relationship with a professional?

I need letters of recommendations! And besides that, I'd like to actually get to know a professional in my intended career path to learn about daily work-life. But, so far, none of the ones I've met have really 'clicked' with me. Not to say they were not kind (they certainly were!), but none of...

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie Jan 12, 2017 3085 views

What is the best way to approach a veterinarian regarding job-shadowing?

Most veterinarian practices that I have run into or researched do not have a student program which allows for internships or volunteering--they are simply medical practices. However, shadowing a vet can give great insight into deciding if the vet-path is a good career path for a student and...

Vlad’s Avatar
Vlad May 21, 2016 1745 views

How does a student interested in engineering find a shadow position?

I'm a dual credit high-school/college student looking to major in electrical engineering. I am not 90% that this would be the best card for me to play, so I'm attempting to figure out if I am suited to go into this field. All of my academic scores, personality tests, and interests seem to...